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things to come Gentle No-Rinse Paw Cleanser | Unscented

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Running low on the paw cleanser? Save money by getting the 200ml refill pack for your paw cleanser. Available in unscented, lavender or cedarwood & patchouli.

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things to come Gentle No-Rinse Paw Cleanser | Unscented

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Hypoallergenic and unscented cleanser for cats and sensitive dogs

The awesome people at things to come created this for days when our pets get a little too messy after a fun day out and we don't want to put them through the ordeal of a shower too early or try rinsing their paws and risk getting other parts of their bodies wet.

This paw cleanser is gentle enough to not warrant a rinse through water, yet boasts antiseptic properties to keep the precious paws clean. The bottle comes with a detachable silicone brush that is easy to wash and pop back, and soft enough to provide a very gentle massage for our pets. This is something we really love and are equally proud to have!




Distilled water, colloidal silver, ^organic saponified oils, organic aloe vera and certified organic coconut oil

^USDA Certified Organic

Directions for Use

Pump once slowly and gently brush the foam on the paw. Repeat for the other paws. Dry and remove the excess foam with a clean cloth, kitchen towel or tissue paper. No rinsing is required.

What's the difference between the paw cleanser and the fur cleanser?

The fur cleanser has more cleansing + anti-bacterial + moisturising properties compared to the paw cleanser. In terms of ingredients, the natural soap content in the fur cleanser is slightly more with the addition of a blend of essential oils. The fur cleanser also has sweet almond oil for more moisturising elements for your dog's fur. 

The paw cleanser is gentler than the fur cleanser, and perfect to use multiple times a day to clean paws or fur. On the flip side, we don't recommend using the fur cleanser to clean paws every day. While it's still safe, it's probably like watering a plant with more water than required. 

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