One Toy. Limitless Possibilities.


Pawzler is raising awareness on the importance of exercising a dog’s mind. Many of our pets were bred to work in the past. While they love their job of a companion today, they can often be bored, which can lead to behavioural problems. 

Pawzler puzzle toys (Pawzles) tap on a pet's instinct to hunt and enable you to buy modular parts to continuously reinvent the game.

All products are developed with the safety of our pets in mind. They are designed and manufactured in EU by skilled people; who are paid fair wages and understand the importance of quality.

Why you'd love Pawzler

Modular systems, providing limitless possibilities and endless fun.

Made without sharp edges.

Dishwasher safe to keep them clean.

Made from food safe materials.

Blue and yellow so dogs can see them.


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