4Legs4Pets elevated cots are the perfect dog bed for teaching your dog the "Place" command. These cots are comfortable, cooling, surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy. We love that every part of the 4Legs4Pets cot can be customised and replaceable, and it's super easy to clean.

4Legs4Pets has been making these cots since 1995, using 100% USA-made quality raw materials.

Preorders to build your own 4Legs4Pets cots are open on Vanillapup from time to time, and we may also have ready stock in certain colours and sizes.

Low height

Perfect for all pets including those with joint & arthritic issues and short-legged breeds.

Breathable mesh fabric

Promotes air-flow (better than vinyl, which holds in heat as well as puddles).

Easy to clean

Simply hose off outside or wipe it down – no need to remove the cover!


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4Legs4Pets Build a Cot™ [Preorder] 4Legs4Pets Build a Cot™ [Preorder]
4Legs4Pets Build a Cot™ [Preorder]
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4Legs4Pets Cot
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4Legs4Pets Cot Leg Plugs
Sale price$8.00
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4Legs4Pets Replacement Lace-Up Cot Cover [Preorder] 4Legs4Pets Replacement Lace-Up Cot Cover - Vanillapup Online Pet Store
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4Legs4Pets Replacement Bar [Preorder] 4Legs4Pets Replacement Bar [Preorder]