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The Dog Grocer Air-dried Training Mix | Duck

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The Dog Grocer Air-dried Training Mix | Duck

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The Dog Grocer Air-dried Training Mix | Duck

An original The Dog Grocer creation, Duck Snuffle Trail Mix features various cuts of duck in each bag for varying textures!

Thin crisps, meaty chunks, and crunchy bits allow continued engagement and a surprise in every bite! Suitable for snuffle/nosework toys or as training treats for both cats and dogs!

  • Bag of 100g

  • Assortment of cuts in each single protein treat bag, offering different textures -thin crisps, meaty chunks and crunchy bits

  • NO liver or secreting organ is included so you can feed without the worry of overfeeding richer cuts.

  • Processed at controlled low temperatures for minimal change in nutritional profile, while ensuring safety protocols according to the USDA food safety guidelines

  • Made locally in AVS licensed kitchen

  • Cleaned and sanitised with ozone

Source of duck

The Dog Grocer sources duck from cage-free Malaysian ducks, which are processed fresh in-house.


Cage-free Duck Breast, Duck Heart, Duck Gizzard

All The Dog Grocer treats and chews do not contain any additives, chemicals, or artificial flavouring.

Storage and handling

Transfer the treats to an airtight container to keep them fresh. Best consumed within 4 months from the date of production. Store excess treats in the freezer for a longer shelf life.

*We try our best to keep product information and images up to date but take note that they only serve as a guide. While it doesn't happen often, changes by manufacturers may take some time to reflect on our site. If there are ingredients you are particular about, chat with us!

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