Fera Pets Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper For Dogs & Cats
Fera Pets Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper For Dogs & Cats
Fera Pets Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper For Dogs & Cats

Fera Pets Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper For Dogs & Cats

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Introducing Fera’s Joint Support Goat Milk for dogs and cats, each designed for extra healthy deliciousness. With Goat Milk as the #1 ingredient, these delicious powders are great for picky eaters, because pets love the cheesy smell and appetizing taste. It’s the easy (and yummy) way to level up your pet’s daily meals! Our Goat Milk HIP & JOINT formula features whole cream goat’s milk for irresistible flavor, combined with glucosamine, MSM and green-lipped mussel—three natural ingredients designed to support healthier joints.

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Fera Pets Hip & Joint Goat Milk Topper For Dogs & Cats


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We all want to keep our pets on the move and in the groove, right? Goat Milk HIP & JOINT not only entices your pet’s taste buds, but also serves a higher purpose. If your pet suffers from hip or joint mobility issues, this veterinarian-formulated powder is made to help keep your pet movin' and groovin'.

Did you know?

Green lipped mussels are a wonder from Down Under! This natural edible shellfish is found on the shores of New Zealand, and it contains glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids—both known to promote healthy joints.


Active ingredients per teaspoon

  • Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl (shellfish) 250mg

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

  • 200mg Green Lipped Mussel 50mg

Inactive ingredients

  • Full cream goat's milk

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Featured Ingredients

Goat's Milk

Goat’s milk contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and a unique blend of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats that make it easily digestible for your furry friends.

Green Lipped Mussel

Packed with nutrients, Green lipped mussels are a rich source of omega-3s and help improve joint mobility.

Glucosamine sulfate

Promotes cartilage development and joint health

MSM (OptiMSM®)

Promotes heathy cartilage, reduces oxidative stress, maintains a healthy inflammatory response.


There are 60 servings, or teaspoons, per pouch.

For pets less than 25 pounds, the goat milk topper will last 60 days.

For pets between 26-50 pounds, it will last 30 days.

For pets between 51-75 pounds, it will last 20 days.

For pets over 75 pounds, it will last 15 days.

There are 15 kcal/teaspoon.

Yes! In addition to fresh grass, our goat’s also eat hay, straw and other grains commonly found on the farm.

Our goat's milk is sourced from The Netherlands and is free of GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones. Our whole cream goat’s milk powder is produced in accordance with Kwaligeit, which is a quality assurance scheme of the Dutch Goat Dairy Organisation (NGZO). The KwaliGeit certification program has been set up to demonstrate that goat milk is produced safely and responsibly, looking out for the welfare and treatment of all goats.

The main difference between the supplement and the goat milk version is the amount of ingredients and the overall dosage. Our supplements are always going to be a more potent and specialized product - designed for maximum effectiveness, while the goat milk products are designed to be a yummy treat with added functional benefits.

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