Infographic: Canine Cancer in Singapore

Infographic: Canine Cancer in Singapore

Cancer can hit anyone, including our pets. So, how do we prevent canine cancer and how can we detect and treat it early? Find the answers here!

Canine cancer is no doubt a scary subject. We experienced first hand that it's a word that no pet owner wants to hear from the vet's mouth.

While there are no official numbers being reported, vets that we spoke with are seeing an increasing number of cancer cases in their clinics.

According to Dr. Eugene Lin, (BVSc), founder of The Animal Ark Veterinary Group, these could be the reasons for the rise:

  1. Cancer is becoming more common in pets

  2. The advancements in and decreasing prices of technology enable vets to more readily and accurately diagnose cancers

  3. Pet owners and vets are becoming better-informed and are actively looking out for cancer

Looking at the first reason, Dr. Nair (BVSc), founder of Oasis Vet says that longer life expectancy in pets and a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle are contributing factors.

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In other words, although we cannot control genetics and aging, we can make lifestyle changes to boost our dogs' health.

You will see below that you can do a lot to reduce your dog's cancer risk. Even if cancer happens, detecting it early can save your dog's life.

Know more about canine cancer to prevent, detect, and treat it early

With the help of local vets and parents who had dogs with cancer, we have created an infographic in collaboration with Happy Tails Pet Insurance. Hopefully, it would help you better prevent and prepare for this disease.

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canine cancer infographic by vanillapup

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