28 Dog Runs in Singapore That Will Make Your Dog a Happy Pup

28 Dog Runs in Singapore That Will Make Your Dog a Happy Pup

Is your dog a dog run addict? Then you have to make sure to let her sniff out all the dog runs in Singapore! Here's the complete list for you to check off.

Dog runs are one of the safest places to let your dog off-leash and explore freely. With fenced up fields, your dog can run around, be in touch with nature, and socialise with other dogs!

As Singapore is warm and humid, beware of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Remember to protect your dog with natural flea and tick prevention and check her coat thoroughly after play.

With that said, here is a comprehensive list of dog runs in Singapore.

Dog Runs in Singapore for Your Dog to Roam Freely

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1. Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park Dog Run

bishan park dog run

Located in central Singapore, the Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Dog Run comprises of two fenced up areas, one for small and medium-sized dogs and one for large-sized dogs.

The area has approximately 2,100 sqm of space for dogs to run freely and safely. There is also a water source for thirsty dogs that need a drink or dirty dogs that need a wash. As one of the most popular dog runs in Singapore, you would surely see many dogs on weekends!

Address: Bishan Park 2, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore 569981

Opening hours: Open 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm - 10pm


2. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West Dog Run

Just a stone's throw from the Bishan Park dog run, you'll find a medium-sized and simple dog run. There are no water points or benches, just an empty grass field that is fenced up. On the plus side, it probably won't get too crowded. 

Address: Near to Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 and Ang Mo Kio Street 12

Opening hours: 24/7


3. Potong Pasir Ave 1 Dog Run

potong pasir dog run

Photo credit: Dianne Cappelli

A reader Dianne Cappelli told us that Potong Pasir will have their own dog run very soon (Update: It's now open)! The picture above is when the dog run was still in construction. It is very spacious with neat patches of grass surrounded by sandy pathways. There are some benches for dog owners to rest at.

Address: Block 102 Potong Pasir Avenue 1, Singapore 350102

Opening hours: 24/7


4. Our Space @ Tai Gin Road

Photo credit: Sam Forest Loo Lim

This dog run is located near the Burmese Buddhist temple. It is pretty small but has benches and water points. Need a break? Continue the day out at I.N.U Cafe.

Address: 16 Tai Gin Rd

Opening hours: 24/7


North / North East

5. Punggol Waterway Park Dog Run

Punggol waterway dog run. Photo credit: Vanillapup

Good news! A new dog run in Punggol is open along the waterway! It's a 10-15 min walk from Waterway Point, and the nearest LRT is at Nibong. The closest multi-storey carpark seems to be at 313 Sumang Link.

It's quite a spacious dog run, and there's a water point within the dog run too.

Address: Punggol Waterway Park near Nibong LRT

Opening hours: 24/7


6. Punggol Park Dog Run

Photo credit: Vanillapup

Reader Mel Teo alerted us that there's a small dog run at Punggol Park. After playtime, head to the certified dog-friendly cafe, Five &2 for some food and drinks.

Address: Punggol Park, Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 538768 (Opp block 473A Upper Serangoon Crescent)

Opening Hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm - 7am


7. Sengkang Riverside Park Dog Run

Located at the quieter side of the Sengkang Riverside Park, this is one of the newer dog runs in the North-East region. 

Address: Near to 473 Fernvale St, Singapore 790473


8. Sembawang Park Dog Run

Latte at Sembawang Park Dog Run. Photo credit: Vanillapup

This fenced-up area has an interesting twist - unlike the usual flat land, the Sembawang Dog Run is located on a slope. The gradient serves as a great workout for dogs. There are tables with benches inside for you to rest at. But be sure to bring water for your dog as there is no water supply within the dog run!

Address: Sembawang Park, End of Sembawang Rd

Opening Hours: 24/7


9. Yishun Park Dog Run

Photo credit: Adam Teo

A reader Erlia Erlia told us that Yishun Park's dog run is undergoing some final touch-ups before they open [Update: It's open!]. It consists of two small enclosures at the junction of Yishun Central and Yishun Avenue 11.

Address: Yishun Park, Yishun Central, Yishun Avenue 11, Singapore 769027

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm - 7am



10. Tiong Bahru Park Dog Run

Located in the Tiong Bahru Park, this small-sized dog run could be a good hangout spot for dogs during the evening. However, some owners have mentioned that the ground was muddy, there were many ants and even a snake! Do be careful if you're bringing your dog there. 

Address: 1 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159561

Opening hours: 24/7


11. Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run

A hidden gem that's located just a short walk from all the hipster cafes (dog-friendly ones too) and amazing local food, Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run offers a shaded and spacious ground for dogs to run free. Prepare for mosquitoes though!

Address: 3A Sit Wah Road (behind Block 82 Tiong Poh Road)

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm


12. The Palawan Dog Run

palawan dog run

A new dog run has opened at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, in August 2023. Your pup can run freely without any worry that he might join someone else's picnic! You can also organise private events at the Palawan dog run. Sounds pretty cool! 

Address: Along Palawan Beach

Website: https://www.thepalawansentosa.com/the-palawan-dog-run/


13. Telok Kurau Park Dog Run

Opened in February 2022, this neighbourhood dog run has trees for shade and a few benches to rest while keeping an eye on your dog. Great place for dog owners residing in the Telok Kurau and Siglap areas. 

Address: 151 Lor J Telok Kurau, Telok Kurau Park, Singapore 423466

Opening hours: 24/7


14. Katong Park Dog Run

Katong Dog Run is the place to go if you want to off-leash your dog after a walk at East Coast Park. This dog run may be underrated compared to the others, but it makes a perfect quiet spot for your very own doggie private gathering!

Note: Recent reviews on Google indicate that the dog run has been undergoing construction and may not be fully open or safe for your dog. 

Address: Katong Park, 59 Fort Rd, Singapore 439105, Junction of Meyer Road & Fort Road

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: Until 10pm


15. Dog Run @ East Coast Park, Parkland Green

Another spacious and well-rated dog run for dog owners in the East! Plenty of space for your pup to 'play catching' with other pups. The dog run tends to get more crowded in the mornings and on weekends.

After a play session at the dog run, you can easily bring your dog to a nearby dog-friendly cafe or leash up for a stroll along East Coast Park. 

Address: 920 East Coast Park, Singapore 449875 (Parkland Green)

Opening hours: 24/7


16. Tampines Central Park Dog Run

Located right in front of Block 856 Tampines Street 82, Tampines Central Park Dog Run is one of the few dog runs that are situated among HDB flats.

Although it is only the size of half a parade square, it is filled with regulars and mostly busy in the weekday evenings and during weekends. If you are staying nearby, this could become your go-to dog run.

Address: Blk 856 Tampines Street 82, Singapore 520856

Opening hours: Between 10am - 10pm

Lighting operating hours: Until 10pm


17. Sun Plaza Park Dog Run

Although this popular park for tampines residents looks beautiful for daily strolls with your dog, the dog run adds another dimension of fun! 

Address: Along Tampines Avenue 7, Tampines Avenue 9

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm - 7am


18. Bedok Town Park Dog Run

Like many of the dog runs housed within heartland parks, the Bedok Town Park dog run is a no-frills, medium-sized, fenced up area for your dog to mingle with dogs and run around off-leash. There are also a few seats for humans to sit. 

Address: Bedok North Ave 3, Singapore 469724

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm - 7am


19. Lengkong Enam Park Dog Run

Photo credit: Govind Sukumaran

This dog run situated at the park between Jalan Selamat and Lengkong Enam is hilly, big and spacious. Thanks to our reader Govind Sukumaran for the tip!

Address: Lengkong Enam Park, along Jalan Selamat and Lengkong Tujuh

Opening hours: 24/7


20. Mariam Way Dog Run

Readers Debbie Pac and Darren Ang notified us that there's a small dog run at the Loyang estate area near Mariam Way Playground.

Address: Mariam Way Playground, junction of Old Tampines Road and Mariam Way

Opening hours: 24/7


21. Koon Seng Park Dog Run

This mini dog run/enclosure was requested by residents in the area and it was completed in four months!

Address: 36 Koon Seng Rd, Singapore 426978

Opening hours: 24/7


22. Pasir Ris Street 51 Dog Run

A dog run that serves the Pasir Ris residents in the area, you will find it sandwiched between Pasir Ris Eco Green Park and Pasir Ris Town Park.

Address: Pasir Ris Street 51, near Block 550, along the Tampines Park connector

Opening hours: 24/7


23. Pasir Ris Park

A new 800sqm dog run in Pasir Ris Park has opened on 12 June 2022.

Address: 125 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121 (Near to Carpark E)

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7am - 7pm



24. Mayfair Park Dog Run

This dog run in Mayfair Park may be small and cosy, but it's the first dog run in the Bukit Timah area nonetheless. Residents in the area will appreciate having a space for their dogs to socialise and roam free, while dog owners visiting the Western part of Singapore will likely prefer going to the more spacious West Coast Park dog run.

Address: Located along Jalan Gaharu

Opening hours: 24/7


25. Bukit Gombak Park Dog Run

This dog run is located in the lush Bukit Gombak park and serves as a nice meeting spots for dog owners in the neighbourhood. The dog run itself is not very big, but good enough for a runs and zoomies. 

Address: Bukit Gombak Park

Opening hours: 24/7


26. West Coast Park Dog Run

Known for their amenities, it is pretty easy to see why West Coast Dog Run is one of the most popular dog runs in Singapore.

It is wide and spacious with lots of room for a good fetch session. It has tables with benches under shade, water taps, and even a dog wash kiosk. The self-service dog wash station is located a few minutes away from the dog run and provides shampoo, flea and tick prevention, and a blow dryer.

Address: West Coast Park, Parallel to West Coast Highway

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7am – 7pm



27. Clementi Woods Park Dog Run

Credit: The Compawny

This quaint and clean dog run has a large 4000sqm area and is built on a gentle slope, making it the perfect day out with your dog when the weather is good. Owners will be happy to know that there are also a couple of tables and benches to rest at. After some off-leash fun, you can proceed to leash your dog up for a stroll around Clementi Woods Park for more sniffing action.

Address: 152 West Coast Road, Singapore 127370, next to West Coast Plaza

Opening hours: 24/7

Park lighting hours: 7pm – 7am


28. Jurong Lake Park Dog Run

Located near Yuan Ching Road, this spacious dog run is part of the newly redeveloped Jurong Lake Gardens. While you are there, there are plenty of gardens and trails to explore!

Address: Along Yuan Ching Road and Japanese Garden Road

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm daily


Opening hours of the dog runs may change. Please check with NParks or the respective owners.

Always remember to clean up after your dog. We recommend using the super tough and leak-proof Earth Rated poop bags, especially helpful if your pup is prone to soft or wet poop. 

Lastly, don't forget to hydrate your dog after a play session. The ohhello insulated water bottle is a convenient way to quench your pup's thirst with cold and refreshing water.

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