CHEWDEN Grip + Trove + Base
CHEWDEN Grip + Trove Set - Vanillapup Online Pet Store
CHEWDEN Grip + Trove Set - Vanillapup Online Pet Store
CHEWDEN Grip + Trove + Base
CHEWDEN Grip + Trove Set - Vanillapup Online Pet Store

CHEWDEN Grip + Trove + Base

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CHEWDEN Grip + Trove + Base



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CHEWDEN Grip + Trove Set

Chewing not only cleans away plaque from teeth and exercises our pups' jaw muscles, it is great for their mental well-being. Chewing requires mental concentration and it helps your pup relieve stress and anxiety.

However, for food motivated pups, giving them chews can be dangerous as they may swallow them whole, resulting in choking or gastrointestinal obstruction.

That's where patent-pending CHEWDEN comes in.

What the CHEWDEN complete set includes

  • 1x Grip + Insert - for securing long-lasting chews

  • 1x Trove - for holding beautiful frozen treats or wet food

  • 1x Base - for a mess-free dog enrichment experience

CHEWDEN Grip: Holds chews securely to prevent choking

CHEWDEN Grip is designed to hold and secure chews (up to 13kg of force) so your pup can't swallow them.

Pup boss Latte also loves using it as it keeps her paws clean (she doesn't like touching chews with her paws!). She happily holds the Grip with her paws as she chews instead. 

Chew types that would work well with CHEWDEN:

  • Chews that are 0.5 to 2 cm thick

  • Dry chews like work best - e.g. pork tendon, duck neck, chicken foot, yak chew, pizzle/bully stick, jerky

  • If using fresh raw chews, choose those with knobby or bulb-shaped bones for a better grip (e.g. duck/chicken neck)

  • For flat or thinner chews (at least 0.5 cm), use the Grip Insert

  • Cut long chews into two for a better chew experience

  • Avoid using chews that are brittle or sharp

CHEWDEN Trove: Extends lick-time

CHEWDEN Trove is a great insulated vessel for a delicious frozen treat or wet food. You can freeze goat's milk, yoghurt, or broth with your pup's favourite toppings, such as fruits, chews, nut butters, and vegetables. The possibilities are endless!

Frozen treats would keep your pup occupied for a while. Attach Trove to the Base to contain any melted mess.

CHEWDEN Base: Minimises mess and keeps everything in place

Slimy paws and crumbs e-ve-ry-where - your dog's chew session doesn't have to be a pain for you. With CHEWDEN, crumbs and drool are collected on its weighty base and your dog's paws no longer need to touch the chew. Just a quick wash is all you need for cleanup.

You can attach the Grip or the Trove to the base to keep everything in place. This also creates a 'soft wobble' as your pup chews or licks, offering an added challenge to chewing while slowing them down.


  • BPA-free, phthalates-free, and non-toxic TPE

  • Military-grade nylon VELCRO® strap

  • Kitchen-grade stainless steel for our Base

Safety advice

CHEWDEN is made to last, but it is not indestructible. Supervision is a must, especially during the first few uses or when using a new chew for the first time. For Grip, chews between 0.5cm and 2.0cm thick are recommended.

Care instructions

  • Top-rack dishwasher safe, max. 50°C

  • Hand washing is recommended for long-term care

  • Do not expose to high heat over long periods of time

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