Haqihana Harness: 5 Things We Love About This Italian Handmade Product

Haqihana Harness: 5 Things We Love About This Italian Handmade Product

When choosing a harness and leash, we look for safety, comfort, durability, and style for our dogs. Haqihana harness and leash fulfilled them all!

A collar or a harness? The choice is clear for me. You don't see Latte in a collar often because she tends to reverse sneeze on them. But even most harnesses can cause her to have this issue.

That's the reason why we stick to the same two to three harnesses for the five years she has been with us. But I am glad to say that we recently added one more harness to Latte's limited harness collection.

Looking for an easy-to-wear, comfortable, and long-lasting harness? Get a Haqihana harness

Here are the reasons why we like it:

1. Handmade in Italy

Haqihana is a 18-year-old company that prides themselves on handmaking every one of their harnesses. The materials used are all produced in Europe and sewn together with care and quality stitching.

2. Not a one size fits all

Just like us, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We have the long Dachshunds, the giant Great Dane, the streamlined Whippets, the stumpy Corgis, and the tiny Pomeranians. How can we expect a typical harness with just a few sizes to fit them all properly?

Haqihana harnesses come in 11 carefully studied sizes and each harness has 5 adjustable points to fit your dog's unique body proportion. It's the first harness I have seen that can offer such flexibility.

3. Designed for your dog’s comfort and safety

Photo of Latte in her Haqihana Arctic Blue Harness by Vanillapup

Haqihana's Y-shaped harness keeps the shoulder joints free and doesn't rest against the neck. This reduces the risk of your dog reverse sneezing and choking when she pulls. When adjusting the harness, make sure that the centre of the "Y" sits against the breastbone between the shoulders.

Being a non-inhibitive harness, it is also designed such that nothing rubs against your dog’s legs as she walks. Parts that have contact with the skin are finished with a special stitching so you don't have to worry about abrasions.

The soft and comfortable webbing is made of high tenacity, spun-dyed nylon-6, which has a great strength-to-weight ratio and abrasion resistance. It is also fully recyclable, making it environmentally-friendly!

The D-rings that connect the webbings are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they don't rust or tarnish easily and don't release nickel or cause allergic reactions.

4. Beautiful colours

Besides functionality, we also want a harness to look good on our dogs. The simple and elegant Haqihana harness is available in up to 13 colours in Singapore. I was really happy with how the harness looks on Latte. The Arctic blue really stood out against her white fur. I dare say it even makes her look younger!

Update: We have recently added the incredibly popular multi-colour Haqihana harness to her collection and we really love it!

Latte wearing the multicolour Haqihana

5. 5-year guarantee

The harness may be expensive (S$89.90) relative to most harnesses in the market but you are paying for quality. To show you just how much the brand stands behind its harnesses, Haqihana offers a five-year guarantee from the date of purchase for any defect, breakage, or other problems that arise that are not from normal wear and tear or improper usage and care.

Pair your harness with a matching leash (S$59.90 - S$69.90), which can be halved with a snap-hook. The option gives you flexibility in how much freedom you would like to give your dog while on walks. Made with the same webbing material, the leash is soft to touch and really comfortable to hold too.