Vanillapup Picks: 6 Personalised Dog Products

Latte's Portrait by MaryN Draws | Vanillapup

Every pampered pooch needs a personalised “something”, whether it’s a food bowl with her name on it or a framed portrait of her in the living room. Here are 6 personalised dog products to get you shopping.

Every pampered pooch needs a personalised “something”, whether it’s a food bowl with her name on it or a framed portrait of her in the living room. In fact, a dog-friendly home is not complete without some personalised decor!

From portraits to plushies, stamps to blankets, here are 6 bespoke/customised/personalised (whatever you want to call it) dog products that every dog owner and their dog should own. They make great gift ideas too!

1. MaryN Draws: Bespoke Dog Portraits

Customised Pet Portrait by MaryN Draws | Vanillapup

That’s me! Maryanne from MaryN Draws does bespoke pet portraits that capture your pet’s quirks, character, and personality. Mama told her that my favourite toy at the moment is Sushi, my FuzzYard plush toy, and she made it my co-star! We are both looking pretty happy here.

MaryN Draws | Shop | Facebook

2. Maple & Cotton: Personalised Dog Stamps

I love the quality and design of these stamps! The mount is made from maple wood with your dog breed’s silhouette and your personalisation engraved on it. This will make a wonderful memento, and will be great for festive cards.

Maple and Cotton | Shop | Facebook

3. Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin: Customised Dog Breed Prints

Lili Chin’s dog breeds of the world drawings went viral awhile back; and you will be happy to know that you can purchase those prints or order a slightly customised one at an affordable price. Simply select your dog’s breed, and share with Lili your dog’s name, physical description, and your preferred background colour.

Doggie Drawings | Shop | Facebook

4. MsSpanner: Custom Family Portrait and Pet Plushie

I like the unique style of this illustrator’s work. Their custom human plushies are really adorable too; go ahead and make a set for the family.

MsSpanner | Shop | Facebook

5. Hither Rabbit: Custom Pet Portrait Embroidery Hoop

I personally think this is really adorable! Due to restrictions of embroidery, the portrait may be quite far from exact, but the gist is there.

Hither Rabbit | Shop | Facebook

6. PrideBites: Design Your Own Dog Products

PrideBites Personalised Dog Products

PrideBites allows you to customise a wide range of dog products, including blankets, toys, and collars. Each portrait is hand-drawn by one of their talented designers; we think they are doing a pretty good job.

PrideBites | Shop | Facebook

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