Vanillapup Picks: Truelove Front Range Reflective Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Truelove Front Clip Reflective Harness | Vanillapup

Many people have asked me about the harness I am currently using. They have a good eye because my Truelove harness is no-pull, comfortable, and reflective!

Many people have asked me about the harness I am currently using. We never thought it would be this popular!

But those who asked have a good eye because it is indeed a good harness. Here are some reasons why we like it:

1. No-pull

Mama bought this harness because it has both a front clip and a top clip so she can leash me from the front or the top of my body. The good thing about a front clip harness is that it reduces the tendency for your dog to pull. It is a great accessory when you are training your dog on leash walking.

2. No pressure on the windpipe

Another important criterion when judging whether a harness is suitable for your dog is whether it will interfere with her breathing when she suddenly pulls a lot. I had several harnesses in the past that would cause me to reverse sneeze.

3. Good fit

A good harness should also be well-made, comfortable, and fit properly. Many dog owners keep the harness loose in fear that it would be uncomfortable. However, the right way to wear a harness is when it fits nicely – not too tight and definitely not loose.

A loose harness would cause abrasion because the material would rub against your dog’s skin as she moves. It is very much like shoes for humans.

4. Durable

Obviously, seeing that I have been using this harness every day for close to a year, it fulfills all mama’s criteria. It is still in a great condition too. A good hand wash now and then keeps it nice and clean!

5. Fuss-free and travel-friendly

The harness is easy to put off and take off. It also has a thin layer of mesh padding for comfort and 3M reflective lining for night visibility.

For dogs who travel a lot in the car, the harness has a sturdy handle to secure your dog with the car seat belt. Mama finds the handle very handy (pun unintended) because she can easily use it to keep me still when needed.

In terms of appearance, this harness is for people who like a sporty look. It comes in a variety of colours and matching leashes.

Here’s where you can get the Truelove harness and leash:

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