Travel: 5 Airbnb Accommodations for Animal Lovers

United Kingdom Airbnb Cottage with Pets | Vanillapup

When mama and papa travel, they sometimes stay at other people’s homes. They find these people through a window called Airbnb in their silver machines. According to mama, not only is staying at people’s homes generally cheaper than renting hotel rooms, it’s also a great way to experience what it’s like to live like the locals. While that all sounds awesome pawsome, it’s no surprise that I get really upset every time mama and papa travel overseas. Listening to their voices and seeing their faces on the screen of the silver machine just won’t suffice.

Imagine my disappointment when I found out that they were playing with a cat named Edith while they were staying in an Airbnb home in Melbourne! Not only were they miles away from me, they were spending precious time with another pet. They even had the decency to show me photos of that beast!

Cat in Airbnb Melbourne Apartment | Vanillapup Introduce Dog to Cat| Vanillapup Cat in Airbnb Melbourne Apartment | Vanillapup Cat in Airbnb Melbourne Apartment | Vanillapup

Just look at that face! Cats are never as innocent as they look (read how I feel about them here). Mama and papa got fooled big time 🙁 They even said they would love to have a cat like Edith. What is wrong with them?

No matter, it’s been more than six months and I have gotten over it. Sometimes I think I have to be less selfish. Playing with another pet, while the humans are overseas, helps get their mind off worrying about me for awhile. I figured that sharing their love with another pet who’s far far away is better than having one right in my home!

That led me to get mama to share some listings that have animals in or around them. If you are travelling soon, consider searching for a place such as these!


St Kilda Airbnb with Dog | Vanillapup

Room by St Kilda Beach – dogs (the host runs a dog training and boarding service) and a cat


Malibu Yurt Retreat Airbnb | Vanillapup

Yurt on an Organic Farm – dogs, chickens, and wild animals


Seoul Airbnb with Dogs | Vanillapup

B&B in Seoul – dog lovers with two native dogs, Hunza and Finger


Toronto Airbnb with Cat | Vanillapup

Lakeview Condo – a quiet cat named Jocelyn

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Airbnb Cottage with Pets | Vanillapup

Durweston Cottage – two dogs, a large rabbit, and a cat

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