8 Pet Stores to Shop for Your Dog in Tokyo, Japan!

The Tent Tokyo Pet Stores | Vanillapup

Trendy pet stores in hipster neighbourhoods? We expect nothing less from Tokyo! Shop for your dog at our list of conveniently located pet stores.

Leaving our pets behind while we go on a holiday is never easy. That’s why I always look for interesting pet stores overseas to get something special for Latte.

So far, we have written posts on where to shop in Hong Kong, Seoul, New York, New Zealand, Bangkok, and Sydney. Today, we are finally ready to share with you our finds in Tokyo!

Tokyo pet stores for horse treats, Japanese toys, imported luxury accessories, and more!

Pet products in Tokyo aren’t cheap so look out for things you can’t get in Singapore. From horse treats to adorable ramen and udon toys, you will surely be able to bring home something special for your dog from these Tokyo pet stores. We visited the first five stores. The last three were on our itinerary but we didn’t make it there in the end.

1. Greendog

A store you shouldn’t miss, Greendog is conveniently located in one of Tokyo trendiest neighbourhoods, Daikanyama and Tokyo Midtown (also check out dashi shop Kayanoya). You will find their adorable toys and house brand treats hard to resist. It is also a great place to spot doggies going for their grooming appointment.

Greendog Tokyo Pet Stores | Vanillapup

Greendog Tokyo Toys | Vanillapup

Daikanyama outlet

The Daikanyama outlet has a dog garden (chargeable) too!

Greendog Daikanyama Dog Garden | Vanillapup

Tokyo Midtown outlet

2. The Tent

The Tent is a fashion boutique at its core and a dog-loving space at its heart. The store has a dedicated pet grooming and retail space at the back.

The Tent Tokyo Pet Stores | Vanillapup

The Tent Tokyo | Vanillapup

If you are already in the Daikanyama neighbourhood, why not pop by to get some made in Japan dog treats and premium pet accessories? You may end up getting something nice for yourself too.

3. Inu to Town

Inu to Town not only sells made in Japan luxury pet accessories but also imports cool products from all over the world. Think ceramic dog bowls nestled in premium leather from Spain, cooling kimonos from Japan, and soft leather collars from Hungary.

Cyriano Dog Bowl | Vanillapup

They have stores in Jiyugaoka (the one we visited), Ginza, Nihonbashi, and Arisugawa where they also offer pet grooming services.

Jiyugaoka outlet

4. Pets Paradise

Located along Takeshita Dori, Harajuku’s most popular street, Pets Paradise sells pet clothes and accessories.

Pets Paradise Harajuku Storefront | Vanillapup

Pets Paradise Harajuku Tokyo Pet Stores | Vanillapup

Only visit if you are in the vicinity. It’s not a store worth travelling for. Prices here are slightly cheaper as it’s not as upscale as the other shops in the list.


We chanced upon P2 DOG&CAT, a little pet section on the fifth floor of Shibuya Hikarie and we were surprised to find pretty cool stuff in it!

P2 DOG&CAT Tokyo Shibuya Hikarie | Vanillapup

P2 DOG&CAT Pet Treats | Vanillapup

P2 DOG&CAT Dog Beds | Vanillapup

P2 DOG&CAT Dog Clothing | Vanillapup

They have a range of really nice beds, bowls, Japanese treats, and even Hermes-style leather collars.

6. Harness Dog & Pet Paradise

Harness Dog & Pet Paradise in Jiyugaoka sure looks good on the outside! Too bad we didn’t manage to visit. Pop by after brunch at Latte Graphic – highly recommended!

7. Free Stitch

Tokyo Pet Stores - Free Stitch | Vanillapup

Designed in Tokyo and manufactured in Japan, Free Stitch prides itself on simple but high-quality design. Check out their carriers, beds, and walk accessories.

8. 犬の生活

If you find yourself in Ginza, you may want to check out 犬の生活 (Dog’s Life). The store looks a little cluttered with products but that also means you are more likely to find what you are looking for.

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