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The Best Credit Cards For Your Pet Expenses

Best Credit Cards for Pet Expenses | Vanillapup

Food, treats, supplements, toys, grooming…they all add up. So how can we make the most out of our pet’s expenses? Use the right credit cards!

[Last updated: 13 June 2018]

Raising a dog or a pet isn’t exactly a low-cost affair. To really give your dog the best she deserves, you’ll often find yourself getting new food and treats, buying toys, bringing her to dog cafes, or taking her to the vet.

As so much of these expenses are recurring, I found myself wondering how I can get more value out of it. The only way is, of course, to cleverly use my credit cards to get as much cashback and as many miles as possible out of those expenses.

The banks haven’t focused their marketing on pet owners, so it’s up to us to think about which credit cards work best for our pet expenses.

Online stores

For Latte’s food, toys, and other necessities, Sarah and I like to use online pet stores as they offer lower prices and convenience. For years, we have been a partner of Kohepets. We like their website, variety, and quick delivery.

Regardless of which online store you prefer, these are the credit cards to use:

HSBC Revolution – 2 miles per dollar (mpd), no minimum spend, S$30,000 minimum income. There’s no cap on the points you can earn.

DBS Woman’s World MasterCard – 4 mpd, minimum spend is $5 as points are awarded in blocks of $5, S$80,000 minimum income. There’s a spending cap of S$2,000 per month for the bonus miles.

BOC Family Card – 5% cashback, S$700 minimum spend per month, $30,000 minimum income. There’s a cap of S$30 cashback per month.

Grooming / pet shops / vet / insurance

HSBC Advance Card – 2.5% cashback if your expenses are more than S$2,000 in the month, and 1.5% cashback otherwise, $30,000 minimum income. There’s a cap of S$70 cashback per month.

Standard Chartered Unlimited Card or American Express True Cashback Card – 1.5% cashback on all expenses, S$30,000 minimum income. There’s no cap or minimum spend.

Other cashback cards (like the BOC family card) that specify a high cashback for certain categories will only give you 0.25-0.5% cashback on spends that fall out of those categories.

If you’re like me and you prefer to accumulate miles, these are the credit cards I use:

DBS Altitude Card – 1.2 mpd, no cap and minimum spend, S$30,000 minimum income. The points are pooled with the other DBS cards you have.

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card – 1.2 mpd, no cap and minimum spend, S$50,000 minimum income.

UOB PRVI Miles – 1.4 mpd, S$30k minimum income. There’s no cap but points are awarded in blocks of $5. So, if you buy a toy for S$4.90, you will not get any points.

Grab and taxi rides

We don’t have a car and have to rely on taxis to bring Latte around. We typically use the credit cards mentioned in the online spends section to book a ride via mobile apps. But there are a few other options too.

Citi Cash Back Card – 8% cashback on Grab, minimum spend of S$888 per month, S$30,000 minimum income. There’s a cap of $25 cashback per month.

Masterpass – Sign up for Masterpass with a MasterCard and link it to the ComfortDelGro taxi booking app. They have promotions from time to time that may give you discounts.

Too many cards and too hard to remember this?

Most of our friends find it hard to remember which credit card to use for what spending or they prefer not to hold too many credit cards. But as long as you remember to pay your bills in full on time, and make use of banking apps to easily check your credit card balance, it’s not difficult.

The amount of money you could save or the number of miles you could earn in a year far outweighs the hassle of managing multiple cards.

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Lionel heads content marketing at a Fintech startup. When he's not working on helping others get on top of their finances, he's being a good papa to Latte and co-managing Vanillapup.
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