Dog Tip Tuesday: Tap Water May Be the Cause of Your Dog’s Brown Beard Stains

Dog Tip Tuesday: Tap Water May Be the Cause of Your Dog's Brown Beard Stains | Vanillapup

Brown beard stains in dogs are usually only a cosmetic concern. But for those who mind them, one of the things you should look into is the drinking water.

According to Dr. Brian Loon, Principal Veterinary Surgeon at Amber Vet, “Dogs with white or light-coloured fur commonly have brown stains where their fur is in regular contact with fluids, such as tears, saliva, or drinking water.”

He reassures dog owners that that is usually a cosmetic concern and does not affect health.

But for those who mind the brown beard stains, one of the first things you should look into is your dog’s drinking water.

#1 suspect: Drinking water

Tap water contains minerals, such as iron, which can stain your dog’s fur. Try letting your dog drink filtered water for a month or two and see whether it makes a difference.

You don’t need to purchase a fancy filtration system that would cost you at least a thousand dollars. Just get a water pitcher with a filter inside. We are using Novita HydroPlus® Water Pitcher at home. It removes heavy metals and chlorine.

Other causes of beard stains

  • Prolonged contact with saliva: Like tears, saliva consists of iron-containing Porphyrin, which will cause a reddish stain over time.
  • Food: Food with blood or artificial colouring may cause your dog’s beard to stain. Check the ingredients list to see whether there’s any ingredient that may be causing the stains
  • Yeast infection: When your dog’s beard is regularly wet (from saliva or water), it becomes a wonderful environment for bacteria and yeast. An infection may cause itchiness and discomfort

If you suspect that your dog’s beard stains are due to medical reasons, such as a yeast infection, please consult a vet immediately.

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