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Did someone say treats? Sunday Pets NZ King Salmon

I want to share with you my favourite treats! It is the Naturally Freeze Dried Treats (NZ King Salmon) from Sunday Pets. I can’t tell you how much I love fish! They are so woofilicious 😉

Sunday Pets Freeze Dried Salmon Treats

Mama loves giving these treats to me because they are basically 100% real whole salmon with no preservatives and additives. Doesn’t that sound awesome pawsome? Not only is salmon nutritious, it is also rarely a cause of allergies for dogs. Oh and because the treats are real salmon freeze dried (doesn’t require much chewing), they are great as training treats!

Sadly, real salmon treats are often really expensive. This brand isn’t cheap too but they are the best value mama can find in Singapore so far. I am lucky mama’s dad always buys them for me because he knows how much I love them!

The verdict:

Taste: 10. I would do tricks for it :)

Ingredients: 10. Nothing beats the real stuff!

Size: 8. Real salmon chunks at varied, but satisfactory sizes.

Price: 6. There aren’t many freeze dried treats in the market so at about SGD13 (Pet Lovers Centre) for 50g, this brand is the cheapest around.

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