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Strawberry Banana Froyo by Tasty [Recipe]

Strawberry Banana Froyo for Dogs Recipe

Have leftover yogurt and fruits at home? Make some froyo! This sugar-free Strawberry Banana Froyo recipe by Tasty is good for both human and dog.

Mama has been thinking of making me something nice with the yogurt and blueberries sitting in the fridge.

When looking for dog-friendly recipes, it seems that coconut butter or peanut butter is required to achieve the right froyo (frozen yogurt) texture.

She was planning to get some coconut butter when a frozen yogurt recipe by Tasty popped up on her Facebook feed.

With just 3 ingredients, it’s a sugar-free recipe for humans that is ideal for dogs too! The banana should be what’s firming up the mixture. As for the strawberries, you can replace them with other dog-safe fruits like blueberries and mangoes.

Have fun experimenting!

Strawberry banana froyo recipe

Head over to Tasty for the full recipe.

DISCLAIMER: Treats are not intended to replace a well-balanced diet. Please feed them to your dog in moderation. Before making changes to your dog’s diet, please consult a trusted canine healthcare professional.

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