Dog Tip Tuesday: Sometimes It’s Good to See a Different Vet

Dog Tip Tuesday: Sometimes It is Good to See a Different Vet | Vanillapup

Vets are experts in their field but their experiences and specialities are not the equal. Two vets can have different diagnoses for the same symptoms!

We tend to trust people in authority. Why not, right? They are experts in their field and most of the time, they know what they are talking about.

But sometimes blind trust in one person can cause you to make wrong decisions or prevent you from making right ones.

Vets are an example of people in authority. They have spent years studying and treating animals, and what they say carries weight. But we need to be aware that not all of them have the same level of experience in different aspects of veterinary science.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to not trust your vet. I am asking you to be discerning.

More different than the same?

The types of animals they see, the years of experience, the conditions they are often exposed to, the specialities they choose to pursue, and their interest in different subjects have shaped them to be the vets they are today.

Not to mention, some clinics are more technologically advanced and some take a more holistic approach than others.

Research first

Before choosing a vet, visit their website to understand the clinic’s general approach and also read the vet’s profile. This will give you a good overview of what they are good at and focus on. You can also call the clinic and talk to them about you and your dog’s needs before booking an appointment.

Also, ask around for vet recommendations for the specific conditions you need them for.

Some conditions may be more effective if complemented by Traditional Chinese Medicine. But not all vets are trained in it and therefore may never recommend it.

The best vet may not be the same vet

A vet for yearly checkups and minor conditions doesn’t have to be the vet you see for more serious conditions. The vet you see when your dog is young may not be the best vet for your dog when she’s old.

If your vet is not able to give you a satisfactory diagnosis or treatment approach and doesn’t refer you to someone else, get a second opinion yourself.

Sometimes two vets can have completely different diagnoses for the same symptoms!

Imagine the difference it can make if one vet calls for a test that would end up identifying the cause while the other vet doesn’t. Or if one vet has seen a similar case recently while the other vet hasn’t.

For example, my friend’s dog has been coughing and after seeing two vets and going through multiple tests, they only got the correct diagnosis from the third vet. That doesn’t mean the previous vets aren’t good vets. All the moving parts just don’t click sometimes.

Even with the same diagnosis, the treatment methods can be vastly different too.

For Latte, we always believe in going to a different vet if they have more experience in a specific condition or has a treatment approach that I am more comfortable with.

So, if your dog ever needs to see a vet, keep this in mind!

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