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ŠKODA KODIAQ: This All-new SUV is Perfect For Modern Pet Owners

ŠKODA KODIAQ Sunroof | Vanillapup

ŠKODA KODIAQ is a dog-friendly SUV that’s all about the details. Through technology and a focus on design, this vehicle is safe, spacious, and comfortable for both human and dog.

Have I ever said that I LOVE car rides? It’s pretty easy to kidnap me – you just need to have a car and I would willingly follow you! So, imagine how pleased I was when mama told me that we were going to try out the all-new ŠKODA KODIAQ.

It has a commanding presence being tall, sleek, and spacious. I just couldn’t wait to sniff it out!

Dog parents usually look out for a few things when buying a car that their dogs would also enjoy. That includes safety, comfort, and functionality. The humans and I definitely think that the ŠKODA KODIAQ 4×4 (2.0 TSI/132 kW) meets all of those requirements.

ŠKODA KODIAQ 4×4 is a stunning SUV that’s both human- and dog-friendly

Latte in ŠKODA KODIAQ | Vanillapup

1. Super safe and comfortable

First of all, we think that a car has to be safe, comfortable for passengers, and smooth to drive for the driver.

ŠKODA KODIAQ has several safety features and assists that you usually only enjoy in high-end cars. For example, with the help of sensors all around the car, it alerts you and safely brakes on its own when it senses that you are about to hit something. It basically compensates for the limits of the human reflex. Also, it has a great park assist and an adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead at a selected speed, accelerating or decelerating as needed.

ŠKODA KODIAQ Interior | Vanillapup

This seven-seater is also super stable and spacious, which is perfect if you have multiple or large dogs. Plus, the doors come with door protection that automatically opens up once the door opens. You don’t have to worry about hitting the car or wall next to you when you are pushing it open while getting out with your dog.

2. Great for skittish dogs

Not all dogs are like me. Some of them may be nervous in cars or they are easily stressed by noise and movement. ŠKODA KODIAQ alleviates that concern with its outstanding soundproofing and suspension, which make rides much more stable and quiet for sensitive pets.

Also, with the Canton sound system that’s armed with 10 speakers within the car, including a subwoofer in the boot, you can adjust the audio settings so that your pet at the back can hear you better even when you are all the way up front.

ŠKODA KODIAQ Boot Space | Vanillapup

3. Space, space, and more space

Dog parents can lay the third row or both the second and third row of seats flat and get more than 600 or 2,000 litres of boot space to put their large dogs. With so much space, along with great lighting, it would not be a claustrophobic journey for your pet.

The tailgate also comes with a virtual pedal so that you can open the boot hands-free with a swipe of your leg under it. When you are done, close it with a simple press of a button.

The front seat comes with not one but two glove compartments, of which one you can choose to have air-conditioned to store your dog’s food and treats, medication, and so on during the ride. In the middle of the two front seats, you will find a jumbo box, a larger than usual storage compartment for everything, whether it’s your stuff or your dog’s walk accessories.

4. Doggy add-ons

Dog parents can purchase useful accessories, such as the dog safety harness and protective rear bench cover (you no longer have to worry about those muddy adventures!) for their dogs directly from ŠKODA.

5. Travel in style

ŠKODA KODIAQ is a sexy yet practical car with an award-winning design, a sweet sound system, and a nifty 9.2″ infotainment display. We think that any modern pet parent will appreciate its overall sleek appearance, adjustable panoramic sunroof, and smart technology features.

Learn more about ŠKODA KODIAQ and its pricing at ŠKODA Singapore’s website. Also, check out their useful tips for travelling with pets.

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