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25 Singapore Pet Bakeries to Get Gourmet Treats for Your Dog

Singapore Pet Bakeries for Gourmet Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Love buying fresh, locally made treats for your pup? You will find this ultimate list of Singapore pet bakeries (home- and shop-based) extremely useful!

Homemade treats are considered to be better than mass-produced commercial treats because they are made fresh, direct from a kitchen and consists only of human-grade ingredients.

The good news is anyone with a dehydrator (you can get one for as cheap as S$50) or an oven and dedication can make fresh delicious treats for their dogs. But if you are the sort who would likely burn down the kitchen or simply don’t have the time, don’t fret. Singapore pet bakeries are popping up like daisies, offering treats at reasonable prices.

This ultimate list of Singapore pet bakeries will leave you spoilt for choice

This list is a compilation of all the small pet treat businesses we know. They are presented in alphabetical order.

1. Barking Good

Barking Good Crunchy Treats | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Personalised Cheddar & Apple treat and range of soft treats

Shop here.

2. Bone Appetit Pet Bakery

Bone Appetit Pet Bakery | Vanillapup

Must-try: Peanut Explosion Mini Cupcakes

Shop here.

3. BossiPaws

BossiPaws Cranberry Biscotti | Vanillapup

Must-try: Cranberry Biscotti

Shop here.

4. Caramel Popstore

Caramel Popstore Dehydrated Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Meat Jerkies

Shop here.

5. Chew Time

Chew Time Pet Chews | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Natural chews

Shop here.

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6. Feed My Paws

Feed My Paws Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Organic Mighty Milk Animal Cookies

Shop here.

7. Furries Fresh Food

Furries Fresh Food Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Kangaroo treats

Shop here.

8. Knibbles

Knibbles Singapore | Vanillapup

Must-try: Goji Pup Coins

Shop here.

9. MW Dog Treats

MW Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Triple Goodness

Shop here.

10. MyFurFriends

MyFurFriends Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Dehydrated pig ear chews

Shop here.

11. Ola’s Favourites

Ola's Favourites Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Meat floss

Shop here.

12. Pawfectly Mine

Pawfectly Mine Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Meat jerkies

Shop here.

13. Paw Lickin’ Good

Paw Lickin Good Pet Bakery | Vanillapup

Must-try: Carrot Apple Crunch

Shop here.

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14. Pawscation

Pawscation Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Dehydrated tripe

Shop here.

15. Paws Fur life

Paws Fur Life Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Beef & Kale Jerky

Shop here.

16. Qtreats Kitchen

Qtreats Kitchen | Vanillapup

Must-try: Fish Nori

Shop here.

17. R.O.S Paws

Ros Paws Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Dehydrated frog legs

Shop here.

18. The Baker’s Pooch

The Baker's Pooch Pet Bakery | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Doughnuts and Cranberries Cinnamon Cookies

Shop here.

19. The Barkery

The Barkery Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Bark-kwa and dehydrated anchovies

Shop here.

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20. The Dog Eats

The Dog Eats Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Chicken & Pork Twirls

Shop here.

21. The Paw Grocer

The Paw Grocer | Vanillapup

Must-try: Grass-fed beef organs

Shop here.

22. The Snoring Dog

The Snoring Dog Treats | Vanillapup

Must-try: Sweet Basil Duck Dog Treat

Shop here.

23. Vastitude

Vastitude Pet Food | Vanillapup

Must-try: Slow-roasted Crocs

Shop here.

24. Wholesome Paws

Wholesome Paws | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Maguro and Shishamo Smelt

Shop here.

25. Woofy’s Kitchen

Woofy's Kitchen | Vanillapup

Must-tries: Dehydrated Grouper and Frog Legs

Shop here.

Did we miss anything out? Comment below if you know of any local pet treat business that should be on this list!

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