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Shop Vanillapup is OPEN for Business!

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For three years, we’ve been sharing valuable content with dog lovers on this blog. Now, we are bringing you products that we love via Shop Vanillapup!

For three years, we’ve been sharing valuable content with dog lovers on this blog. Now, we are bringing you products that we love via Shop Vanillapup!

As some of you may know, we visited Seoul last October and found a store we fell in love with. This reaffirms our dream to have a shop of our own, which represents our belief in giving the best to dogs to ensure that they are healthy and most importantly, happy.

We are launching Shop Vanillapup with two quality products that are made in Korea. We will continue to curate and grow our products based on style, comfort, quality and practicality – to make you and your dogs look and feel good.

It’s with excitement that we share our Wooof Fleepy Dog Bed and Poopmate with you 🙂

Shop Vanillapup – Wooof Fleepy Dog Bed

Wooof Fleepy Dog Bed | Shop VanillapupThe Fleepy Bed is oh-so-cushy, it’s like being engulfed in clouds. The 100% cotton cover is removable and machine-washable and the microfiber insert doesn’t clump, is resistant to washing and compression, and helps to prevent dirt and ticks!

Shop Vanillapup – Wooof Poopmate

Wooof Poopmate | Shop Vanillapup

Wooof Poopmate Colours | Shop Vanillapup

Up your dog’s fashion game with these stylish poop bag carriers. Each Wooof Poopmate comes with 15 Earth Rated® quality poop bags and a durable carabiner for easy hooking. It’s style meets function in a small package.

We hope you like our first collection. Come on into Shop Vanillapup for more details!

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