Routine Blood Tests for Dogs: Here’s My First Experience!

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I’ll be turning 4 this Oct so mama thought it’s time to learn more about my health status. Learn about the 3 routine blood tests I went for and their costs.

I will be turning four this October so mama thought it’s time to learn more about my current health status. It’s also a check on how my raw diet is working for me so far.

What can routine blood tests reveal?

Mama opted for 3 types of tests:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile – Provides complete chemistry and electrolyte analysis to examine liver and kidney functions, along with protein level.
  •  Haematology – Checks white and red blood cell numbers and platelet count
  •  Idexx 4 – Tests for heartworm disease and tick fever. Note: You can choose to only test for heartworm disease

By examining the test results and observing clinical signs, a vet can identify a range of deficiencies, infections, inflammations, diseases, parasites and cancers in dogs.

Most pet owners would bring their dogs to do the first two tests and skip the last one if their dogs are up-to-date with their heartworm and flea and tick treatment medications.

Mama stopped giving me these medications due to their toxic nature and uses natural DIY repellents instead. To give her peace of mind, she went ahead to have me tested for heartworm disease and tick fever as well.

After my blood was drawn, mama and I waited for about 20-30 minutes before my results were in!

Latte's Routine Blood Tests Results

I passed all three tests with flying colours and my vet Dr. Gino was more than pleased! He says I am perfectly healthy and that mama should keep up with the diet she is giving me.

Mama was so relieved and elated to hear the good news. I didn’t really know what was going on but I was happy that everyone was happy! There was definitely a mini tail-wagging celebration in the room.

Dr. Gino added that me being a happy pup is also an important contributor to my health. I agree!

Preparing for routine blood tests

Even though mama wasn’t given any instructions to prepare for my blood tests, she thought it was better for me to be fasted 6-12 hours before the tests.

Other than that, she read online to keep water readily available, restrict exercise and vigorous activity and minimise stress for me prior to the tests.

All these preparations were to ensure that nothing was affecting the accuracy of the results!

Routine blood tests costs

These prices are from my vet clinic, Animal Infirmary:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile: SGD120
  • Haematology: SGD85
  • Idexx 4: SGD80. If you are only testing for heartworm disease, the cost is about SGD50

Do remember that every dog is different so some abnormal readings may not mean anything serious. Always consult a trusted vet and read materials from credible sources!

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