Roboyes Cafe: New Kid on the Block [CLOSED]

Dog-friendly Roboyes Cafe | Vanillapup

Roboyes Cafe offers a simple food and drink menu. Plus points – the place is clean and doesn’t charge GST and Service Charge.

Roboyes Cafe has permanently closed.

Roboyes Cafe Review | Vanillapup

Dog cafes have been popping up and shutting down faster than I can learn a trick. Even though it’s true that food is a tough business, mama thinks that many of them failed because they simply didn’t put enough love into the decor and the food they served.

This is also the reason why mama generally isn’t a fan of dog cafes. She only chooses to visit because I am welcomed and allowed to roam free in there.

When she first heard about the newly opened Roboyes cafe, she was wishing that it could be at least on par with Happenstance Cafe, which is currently mama’s number 1 dog cafe pick.

Roboyes Cafe Seats | Vanillapup

Unfortunately, it was yet another cafe set up with the best intentions but fell short in its offerings. The menu was pretty limited and consisted of quick and fuss-free food and drink items, such as lasagna and sandwiches.

Roboyes Cafe Food

The Cheeky Gyoza ($5.50) mama ordered came in the form of nuggets! If you like gyozas and nuggets, then this is the dish for you. The Honey Cheeky Wings ($6.50) and Sparkling Yuzu ($3.50) wouldn’t get mama’s tail wagging, if she had one.

Having said that, she said reviews mentioned that their lasagna is pretty good, so it may be worth trying. Plus, there’s no GST and service charge!

Roboyes Cafe Space | Vanillapup

The humans didn’t have much fun, but I sure did! I managed to plant some kisses on other humans, sneak into the kitchen, and play a couple of rounds of chase with new friends.

The only disappointment I had was that I didn’t manage to even steal a bite from other pups’ bowls. Yes, the cafe offers a menu for dogs; not that it made a difference to me!

Dog-friendly Roboyes Cafe | Vanillapup

If food isn’t your priority and you are just looking for a place for your pooch to socialise, this is a pretty clean and spacious place to sniff out.

Roboyes Cafe | Facebook | Menu | Tel: 6635 7923 | Hp: 9106 4700

Address: 34 Cassia Cres #01-82, Singapore 390034 [Directions]

Opening hours:

Closed on Mon, Tue-Thu: 12pm – 9pm

Fri-Sat: 12pm – 10.30pm, Sun: 12pm – 9pm

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