Dog Tip Tuesday: The Quickest Way to Feed Your Dog a Pill

How to Feed Your Dog a Pill | Vanillapup

Does feeding your dog a pill feel like you’re fighting a battle? Or have you been failing to trick her into eating it? Well, here’s what you can do.

Is feeding your dog a pill a dreaded task for both you and your dog?

It used to be easy to feed me a pill. Just mix it into my food or stuff it into a treat, and I will gobble it down in no time. But as I grew older, I am more careful about what’s in my food and I would spit the pill out from my mouth or leave it in the bowl.

For some time, mama was stuffing the pill down my throat. But it’s not always successful and she may hurt me in the process.

Luckily, she found the perfect solution when she watched a video online that taught her how easy it was to feed me medicine or supplements in tablet form!

Feed your dog a pill in 10 seconds with these steps:

1. Have the pill and a treat ready
2. Take the treat in one hand and use the other hand to lift your dog’s head up until the nose is pointing to the ceiling
3. Gently pry open your dog’s mouth with your thumb and two fingers and with the other hand, drop the pill into the back of the mouth
4. Close the mouth and gently massage the throat downwards while your dog is still looking up
5. Optional: Lightly blow or kiss the nose to encourage your dog to lick, thereby making her swallow. This will guarantee that she swallows the pill
6. Reward her with a treat!

I will swallow the pill at step four so mama skips step five, and I get a treat immediately! In the video, the lady coated the tablet with some butter first to help with swallowing but in our experience, it’s not necessary for small pills.

Watch the video here.

This method has worked like a charm for us, so we hope it will work for you too.

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