Where to Shop for Your Dog in South Island, New Zealand

It may be challenging to find fancy lifestyle pet products in New Zealand but you definitely wouldn’t fly home empty-handed. Here are our suggested stores in South Island to shop for your dog.

Fancy pet brands seem to be lacking in New Zealand, particularly the South Island, but you should have little trouble getting your dog a gift while on holiday. Not to mention, several premium dog food and supplement brands were born at this scenic destination!

Mama didn’t spend much time in Christchurch where you can find large pet stores, but she still managed to find something for me on the go.

Here are the places she thinks you should shop at for your dog in South Island, New Zealand:

1. Animates

Animates Dunelin Pet Store | Vanillapup

Image: www.eventfinda.co.nz

With 31 stores across New Zealand, it’s no wonder Animates can claim their position as New Zealand’s leading pet store. Open 7 days a week and housing the widest range of pet products in the country, you will be able to find anything from dog treats and supplements to toys, accessories and beds at Animates.

Animates | Website | Store locator

2. K9 Natural Concept Store

K9 Natural Dog Food | Vanillapup

K9 Natural has been mama’s go-to brand for dog treats. Trust me, your dog can tell the difference! Fans will be happy to know that food and treats are about 50% cheaper in South Island!

You can find K9 Natural products at large pet stores, such as Animates and Pet Central, but if you have some free time in Christchurch, try not to miss their concept store near the Christchurch train station!

K9 Natural Concept Store | Website | Address: 305 Lincoln Rd, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

3. Pet Central

Pet Central Pet Store New Zealand | Vanillapup

Image: Google

Pet Central is a family owned and operated pet store that’s opened daily at three locations in Christchurch. Stock up before you leave!

Pet Central | WebsiteStore locator

4. Supermarkets

New World Supermarket Pet Section | Vanillapup

Mama cooked dinner every day during her South Island road trip. Supermarkets were her best friend and she never missed exploring the pet section while grocery shopping.

You may be able to grab some nice toys and premium treats in New World and FreshChoice supermarkets. Mama bought me the duck (it quacks!) in the image and her sister stocked up on a carton of locally made treats at New World Wanaka.

5. The Warehouse

While waiting for the train to arrive at Greymouth station, mama made a quick visit to The Warehouse next door. They had a section of discounted pet products that was pretty decent! It’s definitely worth checking out.

The Warehouse | WebsiteStore locator

Did we miss somewhere nice? Let us know where to go when we head to New Zealand again!

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