Where to Shop for Pets in Sydney

Where to Shop for Dogs in Sydney - Paws of Fun

When I first got my dog, Smoka, I visited various pet supplies shops to check out their product and service offerings. Here are some of my favorite pet shops in Sydney.

When you decide to get a pet, there are a lot of things to think about.

Starting with the kind of pet (dog, cat, fish, parrot, something more exotic), moving on to whether you wish to purchase or to adopt a certain breed. Then you have to find a good vet, make certain adjustments to your home, and of course, decide what pet supplies you will be using.

When I got my dog, Smoka, I decided it might not be a bad idea to visit different pet supplies stores and check out what they’re offering.

Here are some of my favorite pet shops in Sydney:

1. Kellyville Pets

Where to Shop for Dogs in Sydney - Kellyville Pets

Image source: Kellyville Pets

A friend recommended Kellyville Pets and I have to say that I always walk out of this store with a smile.

The store has a very wide range of products (and they also do delivery) but what I like most about it is the staff. They always have a smile on their face and they really give you their time and their listening ear.

Even though I was most interested in the dog section, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with their selection for more exotic pets.

2. Rufino

Where to Shop for Dogs in Sydney - RUFINO Dogs

Image source: Rufino

Now, if you like your dog to be a bit fancier, you have to check out Rufino.

They are not a regular pet shop. In fact, they only sell dog collars, and they are amazing. I couldn’t resist, so Smoka is now walking around with a super fancy leather collar.

They handmake every collar using very soft (Australian) leathers and they are all unique.

I also like the fact that you get instructions on how to take care of the collars, so you really don’t have to stress about it getting dirty.

3. PetO

PetO Alexandria opening day.

PetO Alexandria Grand Opening.

Posted by PetO on Friday, 5 June 2015


What I like about PetO, aside from the nice variety of products, is the staff and the in-house vet who are always ready to give you advice.

But if you ask me to choose a single best thing in this shop, it has got to be their DIY Dog Wash service.

You don’t have to make an appointment (it’s available at all five of their locations), you get 15 minutes to do the business, and they have all the necessary equipment, such as a hydro bath and a blow dryer.

All you need to do is to bring your own shampoo and a towel, and of course, your dog.

It’s a great idea because Smoka can sometimes get agitated around strangers. Giving her a bath at the shop instead of at home also means I don’t have to wash my bathtub after the deed. I had a really good experience there.

PetO store locator

4. Vet Shop Australia

Although it’s certainly fun to take your dog shopping for her food, and watching her get so happy receiving treats from the staff, sometimes I just don’t have the energy or time to actually go to a store.

On days like that, good online pet stores are my lifesaver and Vet Shop Australia is my go-to online store.

While Vet Shop Australia doesn’t have an actual physical store, they do have a website that is very easy to navigate and their products are way more affordable.

Delivery time is super short (for me, it usually takes four days for the supplies to arrive), and you can either order online or by phone (where you’ll get a very friendly and prompt customer service).

5. Paws of Fun

Where to Shop for Dogs in Sydney - Paws of Fun

Image source: Paws of Fun

While Paws of Fun is primarily a dog care facility, they also sell a wide range of products in the shop. You can order supplies online and have them delivered as well.

But what I like about them are their services, such as the play school and overnight boarding.

I took Smoka a couple of times for play dates and I’m very happy with how they went. They are very careful with admittance, so they won’t take aggressive dogs and the dogs have to know some basic commands.

The dogs have all-day supervision by a friendly and professional staff and the puppies get to play, socialise, and exercise.

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