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5 Pet Courses You Can Pay For Using Your SkillsFuture Singapore Credits

SkillsFuture Courses for Pet Owners

Do you have SkillsFuture credits that you have yet to use? Here are some courses that you can join to learn how to train and take better care of your dog.

All Singaporeans aged 25 and above would have received an initial S$500 SkillsFuture credit from January last year. Its purpose is to encourage individuals to develop new skills and engage in lifelong learning. The credits can be used to claim back approved training course fees.

While the credits will not expire and you can accumulate them, don’t procrastinate and start thinking about how you can use them!

As pet owners, there are a couple of approved pet-related courses you can go for.

Use your SkillsFuture credits on these 5 pet courses

Note: We found these courses on SkillsFuture’s website and picked them out based on their course descriptions. We have not gone for any of the courses.

1. Canine first aid

The Canine First Responder course teaches you crucial canine first aid skills, which include scene and primary assessment, canine communication, rescue breathing and CPR, and injury management.

2. Pet care and management

This course at Temasek Polytechnic caters to people working in the pet retail industry or who are interested in joining it. It covers animal care, management, and welfare. You will also learn to do physical health checks.

3. Basic dog grooming

Knowing how to do basic grooming for your dog is helpful to every owner. We held a basic grooming workshop for Latte’s birthday and had so much fun. Although that fun workshop isn’t on SkillsFuture’s course directory, there is a basic dog groomer course where you will learn canine basic first aid and basic pet grooming skills.

4. Crucial concepts in dog behaviour and training

This Udemy online course shares reward-based and common sense concepts that make dog training easy and effective for the average dog owner.

5. Reliability and games training

Does your dog run off and not come back when she’s off the leash? Or does she get too distracted outside to listen to your cues? You can train your dog’s reliability through games at this 2-day online dog training course.

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