8 Pet Cameras To Keep You And Your Dog Connected

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With so many pet cameras being sold, how do you choose one that’s suitable for you? Here are some factors to consider plus 8 great options to choose from.

Pet cameras are increasingly popular amongst dog owners who leave their dogs alone at home most part of the day.

Whether you are busy, worried, guilty or missing your pup, these gadgets can offer a solution to your woes. But with so many pet cameras in the market, how do you choose one that’s suitable for you?

Factors to consider:

Live streaming quality

A pet camera’s primary job is for you to spy on what your dog is up to during the day. Hence, the quality and convenience of live streaming are the most important features.

Most modern pet cameras should come with an HD wide-angle camera and a Smartphone app for you to check on your dog real-time.

Night vision

If you are often travelling or working late, a pet camera with night vision would prove to be useful.

Two-way communication

Being able to talk to your dog and hear her is definitely a value-add. Look for cameras with a two-way voice recognition feature.

Motion or sound activation

Some pet cameras are more advanced than others, offering unique features that may be valuable to you. An example is motion or sound activation – letting you know when your dog has left a particular area or when she’s barking excessively.

Treat dispenser

You can’t miss out a treat dispenser if you want to keep your dog happy at home! Be sure to check whether the treat dispenser would work with the treats you feed your dog.

8 Interactive Pet Cameras To Choose From

1. Petzi

Petzi allows you to see, talk to, snap and treat your dog wherever you are. This wide-angle pet camera, which can be wall-mounted, is equipped with night vision and high-quality audio. It looks cute too.

HD video quality – no, Night vision – yes, Two-way communication – no, Motion or sound activation – no, Treat dispenser – yes.

2. Furbo

Furbo looks promising to us because it has live HD video streaming through a wide-angle camera with night vision, 2-way audio, photo and video taking ability, a treat tossing dispenser, barking alert and smart privacy, which automatically turns off the camera when you arrive home. Yes, it’s a long list of features and we love that!

HD video quality – yes, Night vision – yes, Two-way communication – yes, Sound activation – yes, Treat dispenser – yes.

3. PetBot

PetBot is the first device with “petificial” intelligence, which will watch over your pet and notify you if there is something happening. It will also automatically send you your dog’s selfies and bark messages while dispensing a treat to reward your dog. PetBot can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface.

HD video quality – no, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – yes, Sound activation – yes, Treat dispenser – yes.

4. Petcube

Petcube lets you watch, speak, and play with your pet remotely from a smartphone. It has a non-slip bottom surface and comes with a standard tripod mount. For humans with cats at home, this HD camera also has a built-in certified laser for them to play with.

HD video quality – yes, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – yes, Motion or sound activation – no, Treat dispenser – no.

5. Social Pet™

PetSafe Social Pet Camera and Dispenser| Vanillapup

Social Pet™ is the only camera that works via Facebook for you to see and treat your dog, and share her photos on Facebook with a click of a button. It dispenses treats with a separate feeder.

HD video quality – no, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – no, Motion or sound activation – no, Treat dispenser – yes.

6. PetChatz

PetChatz is wall-mounted and the only device that provides a full multi-sensory interaction with your pet while you are away. You can dispense treats and comforting scents, and monitor your dog with motion and sound detection. With their optional PawCall accessory, your pet can even call you with a touch of a paw!

HD video quality – yes, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – yes, Motion and sound activation – yes, Treat dispenser – yes.

7. Pawbo

Pawbo allows you to view your pets with a wide-angle lens, summon them with a ringtone and talk to them through the microphone. To keep them entertained, you can dispense treats or let them chase the built-in laser automatically or manually. It also comes with free Dropbox cloud storage.

HD video quality – yes, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – no, motion or sound activation – no, Treat dispenser – yes.

8. FeedPeek

SmartVOQ FeedPeek

FeedPeek helps feed your dog while you’re busy at work. You can decide exactly how much to feed your pooch, analyse and track her food intake, and see her via the built-in webcam.

HD video quality – no, Night vision – no, Two-way communication – yes, motion or sound activation – no, Food dispenser – yes.

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