Introducing Pebby: A Robotic Ball That is a Pet Camera, Toy, and Activity Tracker All in One!

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We are super excited for the launch of Pebby, a pet entertainment robot (all-in-one pet camera, toy, and activity tracker) that’s built in Singapore!

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for the launch of Pebby, a pet entertainment robot that’s built in Singapore.

Dog with Pebby Ball and Dock Station

Besides being super proud that a fellow Singaporean is making a mark in the pet technology scene, we are also incredibly impressed by Pebby’s look and features.

Pebby, your adorable pet sitter

If your dog is home alone for long hours probably feeling lonely and bored, Pebby is the solution you need.

Pebby Pet Camera

Why? Because it’s a camera, a toy, and an activity tracker all in one!

Shaped as a ball, it is primarily a pet camera that can roll around on the floor, allowing you to watch, interact, and capture beautiful moments of your pet.

Pebby Pack

Each set comes with a Pebby robot ball, a charging kennel, and a PebbyCollar™. The Pebby App controls them all.

Here are some of its impressive features:

1. Interactive and customisable

Pebby Robot Ball

With Pebby, you can watch your dog remotely from anywhere. You can also send your pet a ‘woof’, ‘meow’, or even your voice snippets with just a press of a button.

Worried about poor video quality during nighttime? The night mode uses in-built LED lights ensuring that you can watch and play with your dog even when you are out late.

The ball also comes with interchangeable covers, not just for style and uniqueness but also to ensure that your dog never loses interest.

2. Durable for endless playtime

Dog Playing with Pebby Ball

Through Pebby App, you can control the ball to interact with pooch. For example, you can set it to follow or repel from her.

The ball’s Poly Carbonate outer casing is water- and shatter-proof. To withstand long hours of rough play, it is also enhanced with SHOCK™ mechanical suspension.

3. Tracks your pet’s activity


PebbyCollar™’s beacon tracking technology allows the ball to follow your dog wherever it goes.

The activity monitoring app management measures your dog’s playtime, rest and, behaviour patterns.

For those of you with more than one pet, you can connect multiple collars to the app for easy management.

4. Charges wirelessly with a long battery life

Pebby Auto-dock Charging Kennel

Intelligent remote self-docking allows the ball to go back “home” to charge wirelessly. It promises fast charge, power status alerts, and a long battery life.

Support Pebby on Kickstarter!

Want one? Pebby is now available on Kickstarter at an early bird price of US$124 (50% off). Don’t miss out on this awesome deal. Fastest paws first!

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