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Pawbo Spring: An Ergonomic Smart Water Fountain That Monitors Your Pet’s Drinking Habit

Latte Wearing Pawbo Badge | Vanillapup

Pawbo Spring provides fresh, clean running water for your pet while monitoring their drinking pattern. It’s ergonomic, sleek, and super easy to clean and refill.

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How much water does our pet need to drink every day for good health? And how much do they actually drink? While it’s easy to find the answer to the first question, most pet owners find it hard to answer the second question.

Not only is the amount important, how fresh the water also plays a part in maintaining your pet’s wellbeing. Ever find hair and dust in your pet’s water bowl at the end of the day? For working pet owners, replacing the water in their pet’s bowl every few hours is impossible.

So what can they do?

We recently tried Pawbo Spring – a smart water fountain that recommends the water intake pets need and monitors their drinking pattern – just what modern pet parents need.

5 reasons why Pawbo Spring is great for modern pet owners and their pets

Latte Drinking From Pawbo Spring | Vanillapup

1. Tracks your pet’s daily water intake

Pawbo Spring measures how frequent and how much your pet drinks throughout the day. You can easily see at exactly what times your pet drank water and how much via the Pawbo Spring mobile app. The app also gives you an overview of the total amount of water consumed during the day alongside the daily recommended water intake based on your pet’s weight.

Pawbo Spring App | Vanillapup

This gives you the opportunity to encourage more water intake if your pet isn’t drinking enough or flag out abnormal drinking behaviour (e.g. sudden increase in water intake) that may indicate health problems.

If you have multiple pets and just one Pawbo Spring, don’t worry! You can monitor each individual pet’s water intake as long as they are wearing their own Pawbo iPuppyGo pet activity tracker that’s synced with the Spring.

Latte Wearing Pawbo Badge | Vanillapup

iPuppyGo is a round badge that is easily attached to your pet’s collar using an elastic band. Every Spring you buy comes with a badge – you can buy additional badges if you have multiple pets.

With iPuppyGo, the built-in camera can also automatically record one-minute-long videos when your pet enters the range of the sensor, so you can see them drinking water without being there!

2. Ergonomically designed and safe

What I personally love about Pawbo Spring is its all white sleek design with an elevated, slanted water flowing surface. It looks good in any home and feels substantial and sturdy.

Latte and Pawbo Spring | Vanillapup

By allowing pets to drink standing, without having to lower their heads, it prevents spinal injury and unnecessary straining. The slanted surface also prevents wetting of the whiskers, jaws, and ears and choking on water.

It’s also nice to know that the entire Spring is made of food-grade ABS, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, odourless, durable, and safe.

3. Fresh, running water with a multi-layer filter

Fresh, oxygen-rich water flows out of the Pawbo Spring continuously without consuming a lot of energy (less than 5kWh a month). The flowing water washes away saliva, food residue, fine hairs, and oil, and the triple-layer filter takes them out of the water. It’s so safe, we can drink the water too.

The motor is also very quiet. We all know how a noisy device can scare off sensitive cats and dogs. They wouldn’t want anything to do with it after that. With Pawbo Spring, all you hear is the pleasant trickling of running water.

Latte at Home With Pawbo | Vanillapup

4. Easy to clean and refill

I love the detachable water tank design, which can be easily removed for cleaning and refills. Simply lift the slanted surface and the water tank up from the base and bring them to the sink. No fumbling!

Busy pet parents would be happy to know that the tank holds up to 3.3 litres of water so there’s no need to refill water every day. Plus, you would get a reminder when the tank needs a refill or the filter needs to be changed.

To ensure utmost safety, the motor will shut off automatically in the event that the water level is too low to prevent damage.

5. Portable

Pawbo Spring uses a USB power plug so it can be charged by a power bank. That means that you can place it anywhere you like even when there’s no socket nearby.

Watch Pawbo Spring in action

Where to buy Pawbo Spring

The retail price for Pawbo Spring is S$428 and it comes with one iPuppyGo and two filters that would last you about eight to 12 weeks.

Exclusive for Vanillapup readers, register your interest early to enjoy a special pre-launch price of S$385.20 and receive an additional iPuppyGo worth S$58.85 with free delivery!

Registration closes on 10 October 2018 and is limited to the first 20 sets. Stocks will be available around end September 2018.

Register here (promo code: vanillapup).

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