Luxury Marble Water Bowl For Dog-loving Splurgers

MRD White Marble Water Bowl Banner

Looking at splurging on your dog’s water bowl? Look no further than Mr. Dog’s marble water bowl. Not only is it charming, it keeps your dog’s water cool!

Mama has been obsessed with anything marble since she started shopping for our new home.

So, her eyes lit up when she came across these luxury marble water bowls from Mr. Dog. Sadly, she can only admire these beauties on her silver machine because they come with a heavy price tag!

Mr. Dog Luxury Marble Water Bowl

The marble is mined in Vermont, known as the “Marble State”, milled into the brand’s signature shape, and polished with a food grade sealant for durability and a high gloss finish.

Each bowl keeps water cool at precisely 67°F (19°C), which the store claims is the perfect drinking temperature for dogs. Also, with its weight you don’t have to worry about pets, robotic vacuum cleaners or toddlers tipping the bowl over.

You can get this marble water bowl at Mr. Dog in three sizes and two colors; packed individually in a custom wood crate to ensure safe delivery.

MRD Marble Bowl Packaging

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