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Loyalty Pet Treats: Healthy Treats We Are Super Excited to Share!

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We are very strict with the treats we give Latte but when we were introduced to Loyalty Pet Treats, we were sold! Each pack of treats is made of a single human-grade ingredient in Australia with a patented dehydration process that preserves nutrients and flavour. It’s so good you can eat it yourself!

This is an advertorial for Loyalty Pet Treats.

Remember our post on common bad treats to avoid? That post was so popular it brought our site down a couple of times and many dog owners were shocked by how the treats that they can easily find in stores could harm their dogs.

One question they came out asking was – What should I feed my dog? We have written a couple of posts around that but if you want to know what we would recommend you to buy right now, you are at the right place.

When Loyalty Pet Treats approached me, I checked out their website and products and found myself loving the brand. Their products tick all the boxes for me. Yes, me. The dog mama that is super strict with what she feeds her dog.

But mostly I was eyeing one of Latte’s favourite seafood – mussels. What’s more, Loyalty Pet Treats’ bite-sized wild caught mussels are great for smaller breeds. That means I don’t have to try to break them down into smaller pieces.

Of course, I am not recommending you these treats just because there are mussels. There are several other reasons why Latte and I love Loyalty Pet Treats! (Psst. Read to the end of the post for our discount code!)

5 reasons why Loyalty Pet Treats ticks all the boxes

Latte Sniffing Loyalty Pet Treats | Vanillapup

1. Each pack contains only one human-grade ingredient

We have always advocated for treats with few or even better, a single ingredient. With only one ingredient in each pack, Loyalty Pet Treats are suitable for dogs with food allergies or a sensitive stomach.

The treats consist of only human-grade and ethically-sourced meats and organs so you can be sure that your dog is getting the best there is.

Human-grade Loyalty Pet Treats | Vanillapup

We are not kidding, you can even eat them yourselves! I tried both the mussels and chicken breast and they are packed with natural flavours. The distributor even joked that I can have them with a pint of beer. That’s a great idea but Latte wouldn’t be pleased with sharing.

The treats are naturally tasty so there’s no need for additional salt or flavouring. I am confident that your dog will go crazy over them!

2. It comes from a decade-old company in Australia

If you have watched MasterChef Australia, you would know how beautiful and fresh Australian produce is.

Loyalty Pet Treats has been around for a decade and is 100% Australian owned and operated. All their products are Australian sourced and manufactured in compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and Safe Food Queensland standards.

But is it really made in Australia?

If you look at the back of the packaging, you will see the “Product of Australia” logo. That isn’t something that any company can put on their product. To use the logo, the products must be registered with Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) and must meet the criteria in their Code of Practice and the Australian consumer law.

Many treat brands may claim that their products are from a certain country but you either can’t trace them back to the manufacturer and/or the treats are repackaged in another country.

The only way you can make sure that a product is really made with Australian ingredients and processed there is by looking for this logo.

To be able to put up the “Product of Australia” logo, all of the product’s significant ingredients must come from Australia, and all or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing must be carried out in Australia.

You can learn more about the Australian Made Campaign logo types here.

Loyalty Pet Treats Box Back | Vanillapup

3. The Nutrieseal™ system helps preserve nutrients and flavour

Nutrieseal™ dehydrates food at low temperatures within a purified, sealed environment, which helps to preserve its nutritional value and natural flavour and aroma. Because of that, it is superior to other moisture extraction techniques, such as air drying, oven baking, smoking, and various forms of cooking.

All treats are also pasteurized at a critical phase of the dehydration process, destroying all pathogens. The small amount of moisture left in the treats ensures that no pathogen can survive.

Loyalty Pet Treats is the only pet treats manufacturing company in Australia with this unique advanced patented dehydration technology.

4. It is more than just a treat

With a wide selection of flavours – 10 to be exact, you may find it hard to take your pick. The good news is that the treats aren’t just to satisfy your pup’s tummy. Each of them has a health purpose so you can narrow down your choices based on what your dog would benefit from.

  • SMILE range supports teeth and gum health and prevents tartar buildup, gingivitis, and bad breath
  • SHINE range is rich in Vitamin A, iron, and selenium to boost immunity and vitality
  • BOOST range is high-quality protein dense treats which aid muscle growth and repair, with minimum 75% protein and maximum 10% fat
  • ZEN range has proven anti-inflammatory effects, which help regulate the immune system, aid in the natural healing of the body, slow the aging process, and reduce swelling and pain

5. You can trust their nutritional analyses

If you are always obsessing over nutritional analyses, then you will be happy to know that Loyalty Pet Treats products are tested by independent National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratories for accurate nutritional analyses. That way, you are able to decide which treats are more suitable for your dog’s health status and lifestyle.

Choose from 10 delicious flavours

Loyalty Pet Treats Boxes | Vanillapup

Loyalty Pet Treats currently comes in 10 natural flavours:

  • Wild caught green-lipped mussels (S$24.80, 80g)
  • Grass-fed lamb chunks (S$28.80, 120g)
  • Grass-fed beef chunks (S$28.80, 120g)
  • Cage-free chicken breast (S$16.80, 80g)
  • Free-range kangaroo steak (S$15.80, 50g)
  • Dental roo rib (S$24.80, 3-6 pieces)
  • Dental roo chew (S$28.80, 120g)
  • Duck foie gras ($18.80, 50g)
  • Lamb liver (S$26.80, 200g)
  • Beef liver (S$26.80, 200g)

For dog parents who are feeding their dogs homemade food, especially raw, livers make up part of the diet. However, buying a small liver portion for smaller breeds is almost impossible and handling and packing it is quite a chore.

What I do to replace fresh organs like liver is to feed single ingredient organ treats. That is why it’s important to find quality treats that retain as much of their original nutritional value as possible.

Also, do note that organs are very rich so only feed your dog a maximum of a couple of pieces a day. Feed the rest of the treats in moderation.

I will surely be buying these ultra-premium treats for Latte and my friends’ dogs as gifts! Give them a try or if you are still not sure, read what their customers think about them on Facebook.

Learn more or get shopping now at Loyalty Pet Treats’ website!

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