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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dogs!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dogs | Vanillapup

The season of giving and receiving is just around the corner! If you haven’t gotten Christmas gifts for your dog, here are some nice last minute gift ideas!

The season of giving and receiving is coming, and I’m excited to be celebrating my first Christmas!

Mama has been giving me a few Christmas gifts to hype me up for the season. But I heard there will be a major gift on Christmas day. I’m so excited for my big surprise!

If you haven’t gotten Christmas gifts yet, here are some awesome last minute gift ideas you can get for your dogs!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dogs | Vanillapup

1. goDog Extra Tough Plush Toys

GoDog Dino Plush Toy | Vanillapup

goDog toys are the ultimate gift for dogs that are heavy chewers!

If your dog tends to destroy any new toy she gets her paws on, their plush toys will prove to be a challenge for her.

Why? Because they are constructed with durable bubble plush material, lined with Chew Guard Technology – specially engineered to withstand tough play, and sewn together with double-stitched seams!

Also, say goodbye to toys with broken squeakers, because these come with puncture resistant squeakers!

I got the Grunter dragon, which if you notice, is bigger than my face (haha!). If you have a small dog like me, go for the equally adorable but smaller sized dragons or dinos.

2. Outward Hound Brain Games

Outward Hound offers a series of engaging toys and games, and their brain games with different difficulty levels are arguably the most popular.

Out of the series, Outward Hound Star Spinner is a good starter for beginners. It consists of 3 levels with a total of 10 chambers.

Ask your dog to stay, let her watch you fill the chambers with treats before letting her sniff it out. She will soon learn to spin the levels with their paws and nose to retrieve the hidden treats!

If your dog is up for a tougher challenge, do check out the other brain games with higher difficulty levels!

Left: Outward Hound Treat Wheel – Level 2, for the smarty pup // Right: Outward Hound Doggy Blocks – Level 3, for the dog genius

3. Absolute Bites Treats

Absolute Bites, being 100% natural, hypoallergenic and low allergen, make great gifts too!

There are three types of treats – Air-dried, Freeze-dried, and Deer Antlers.

Bailey with Absolute Bites Venison Ribs | Vanillapup

Mama personally prefers Absolute Bites’ Ribs compared to commercialised dental chews. That’s because they are natural, and do not have added ingredients that might be harmful.

The Venison Ribs, for example, work as dental chews, and are suitable for sensitive tummies like mine! They help to clean my teeth and reduce my bad breath, plaque, and tartar too!

4. ZippyPaws Christmas Burrows

This Christmas, ZippyPaws has seasonal Christmas toys, which are appropriate for gifting.

Being a huge fan of their squeaky toys, I sure need to get my paws on more of them this festive season!

Zippy Paws Christmas Burrow | Vanillapup

They have a wide variety of toys, ranging from Crinkler, Jigglerz, Burrows, and more! There are even accessories, like the Christmas Scarf I’m wearing!

Left: Holiday Zippy Burrow – Chimney // Right: Holiday Zippy Burrow – Reindeer

With 3 little squeaky toys inside, the Christmas Burrows are a value for money! These burrows engage your dog in digging out the little critters, and they will be begging you to put it back again!

You can purchase these Christmas gifts from any of B2K’s resellers.

Full disclosure: The above-mentioned items are sponsored by B2K.

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