Searching for a Dog Car Seat Booster or Cover? Kurgo is Your Answer

Kurgo Dog Car Booster Seat and Seat Cover | Vanillapup

Is your dog moving around too much in the car or dirtying your seats with dog hair and muddy paws? Kurgo may have a solution for you with their travel accessories.

I love car rides. Mama always says it’s easy to abduct me because I would jump into any car I lay my eyes on.

Car rides are awesome pawsome because they usually bring me to somewhere fun! I don’t even mind vet trips because Dr. Gino always has biscuits for me.

My favourite part of car rides is watching everything zoom past outside. Bonus if mama lets me stick my head out of the window.

But if your dog is anything like me, having her on your lap or solo on the seat can be dangerous. To get a good view outside, I will step all over mama and put my front paws on the door. As a result, I may fall off when the car comes to a sudden stop.

This problem can be solved by getting a booster seat for your dog! Not sure where to get it? Check out Kurgo’s extensive selection.

Kurgo Travel and Outdoor Accessories

Their booster seats can each hold a dog weighing up to 30 lbs. The exterior is waterproof and the whole box is collapsible for easy storage.

Not only is it sturdy, you can also adjust the height that the seat sits at so your dog can look out the windows easily!

If your dog does well on her own, and your problems involve dog hair and dirty paws instead, you can easily protect your seats with a waterproof and stain resistant car seat cover or hammock.

Is your dog prone to climbing over to the front seats from the back? Or are you worried she may fall off the backseat onto the floor? No worries, you can get your hands on a backseat barrier or a backseat bridge.

Head over to Kurgo’s website for more travel and outdoor gear.

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