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Mama has been doing the following to keep me safe and protected from the evil haze. We encourage you to do the same for your pet as well.

Mama hasn’t been bringing me out these few days because of something called “haze”. Apparently, it is what makes the air smell bad and my vision blurry.

I heard that it also has the power to make both humans and pets sick. I am terrified of the haze, and hope it doesn’t get to me.

Mama has been doing the following to keep me safe and protected from the evil haze. We encourage you to do the same for your furkid as well.

1. Stay indoors

Going out is definitely a no-no for me when it’s hazy. I have poor immunity and pollutants would cause my skin to itch.

If the PSI is higher than 100 (unhealthy range), and your pup is not house-trained, bring her out only for really quick toilet breaks. After each walk, wipe her down with a damp cloth and comb through the coat to remove pollutants.

Your pup will still need her daily exercise, so help her expend energy by playing indoors. Whether it’s a good old game of fetch, or other indoor activities, take this as an opportunity to bond!

2. Turn on the fan or air-conditioner, and the air purifier

With all the windows closed, keep the house cool by turning on the fan or air-conditioner. If you have an air purifier at home, turn it on and leave it to work throughout the day.

3. Make fresh water available at all times

Be sure to keep your dog hydrated. Encourage her to drink more water by adding treat crumbs or crushed dog-friendly fruits, such as blueberries.

Also, change the water in her bowl every few hours to ensure that it’s free of dust particles and pollutants.

4. Keep coat clean

This is especially important for dogs with poor immunity. In between regular baths, get rid of any dirt and pollutants trapped in your dog’s coat through combing, preferably with a natural dry shampoo; or wipe your dog down with a damp towel daily.

5. Observe for haze-related health symptoms

Some symptoms include irritated eyes, nose, throat and skin – increased tears and/or mucus production, rashes and itch, coughing, and breathing difficulties. Dogs with a flat face are more susceptible to the negative effects of haze.

For eye irritation, try dropping 1-2 drops of colloidal silver into each eye daily. If any of the symptoms persist, seek help from a healthcare professional.

6. Boost immunity

If you are not already doing so, boost your dog’s immunity by giving her Omega 3, probiotics and vitamin C. This will help reduce her susceptibility to haze-related health problems.

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