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How To: Design The Perfect Dog-friendly Home

PUP and Kit Pup Cave | Vanillapup

Ever thought of making your home the inspiration of fellow dog owners? We’ve got some ideas to designing the perfect dog-friendly home that everyone will rave about.

Dog-friendly Home PUP & KIT Pup Cave | Vanillapup

Our new house is set to be ready end of next year, and the humans have been really excited! Mama has been telling me about her dream of making it the perfect dog-friendly home for me. How sweet of her!

Listening to mama speak about her vision got me really excited too. So even though our home is nowhere near being a reality, I would like to share with you some of the ideas that we have to make everyone’s home a little bit more dog-friendly!

1. Dog-friendly Flooring

Now this is important, isn’t it? Dogs spend most of their time on the floor, and they may now and then pee or vomit on it. Therefore, dog owners will want flooring that’s 1) resistant to stains and scratches, 2) easy to clean, and 3) quiet to walk on. Mama read that vinyl and ceramic flooring meet these criteria, but vinyl flooring is believed to be more comfortable for dogs to lie on.

Picture credit: Gretzl / ArchiExpo

2. Dual-use Furniture

Mama loves how these human furniture incorporates a hiding space for dogs to nap in. When designing your home, think about how standard furniture pieces can double up as a bed, a feeder, or storage space for your furkid.

Picture credit: mpup / PUP & KIT

3. Stylish Drop Cloth

It can be a headache choosing furniture that is able to resist wear and tear from your dog. I like to scratch on sofas and beds to make them more comfortable. I see it more as a service that I provide for the humans, but I think they may debate on that.

While most people say that leather sofas are the way to go, the easiest solution is to get washable drop cloths to lay over your furniture; protecting it from drool and scratches.

Picture credit: MiaCara

4. Pup Closet / Organiser

I have been blessed with a whole collection of clothes, collars, leashes, harnesses, bow ties, and bandanas. Mama envisions having a walk-in wardrobe with a small section just for me. This way, I can proudly display my statement bow ties and accessories!

Picture credit: Animal Planet, Luxurylaunches, babble

5. Dog Wash Station

This is more for the humans than me. It’s no secret that I hate baths, which means I will try to wiggle my way out every single bath session. Mama has this evil plan to build a dedicated bath station where she can do whatever she wants with me and I won’t be able to escape…

Picture credit: Houzz / Houzz

6. Dutch Door / Dog Door

Dutch doors are such a great idea. You can keep your dog out of certain restricted areas of the house, such as the kitchen, without being shut off from sight.

Dog doors are great for both the main door and bedroom doors. I am undecided about air-conditioning, so I like to go in and out of the bedroom, leaving the door ajar. With a dog door, I can go in and out as I please without wasting electricity!

Picture credit: Amazing Oasis / Pink Blue Loves Cute

What would you like to see in a dog-friendly home? Share your thoughts below!

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