This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant And It’s Awesome

Chris Cline Photoshops Giant Dog

Do you think your dog is larger than life? This photographer sure does and to illustrate that, he creates amazing Photoshop manipulations of him and his supersized dog on endless adventures.

Photographer Chris Cline wasn’t too keen on having a dog but when his girlfriend got him Juji, a Goldendoodle, it changed his life in the best way possible.

Chris fell in love with Juji immediately, and his new furry best friend became his photography subject and muse.

He soon had an idea to produce photos with a children’s book feel and started creating amazing Photoshop manipulations of a supersized Juji on all sorts of adventures with him.

And what a great idea it was! His photos gained instant popularity and his Instagram account grew rapidly to close to 80,000 followers at the time of writing.

He also gets commissioned by fellow dog owners to create similar photos of them and their fluffy companions.

“I love that I can offer others the gift of making [their] dog larger than life, because in a dog owner’s eyes, that’s exactly how we see them,” Chris told PetaPixel.

Check out some of Chris’ work here:

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