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Christmas Guide: Looking for Gifts? You’ll Love These 10 Ideas From Ginger and Bear!

Dog in P.L.A.Y. Horizon Pet Teepee | Vanillapup

Ginger and Bear is an online store selling premium lifestyle products for pets and pet lovers. With their wide range of curated items, shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for your pup should be super easy!

This is an advertorial for Ginger and Bear.

As our favourite time of the year approaches, it’s also time to wreck our brains on what gifts to get for the dogs. One of the online destinations you can turn to is Ginger and Bear. Whether your doggy recipient is playful, gluttony, glamourous, or snuggly, we are sure that there would be something for her!

10 Christmas Gift Ideas From Ginger and Bear

For the playful

Vanillapup Christmas P.L.A.Y Holiday Classics Toys

1. P.L.A.Y. Holiday Classic

We got these toys from Ginger and Bear last year and are still very much in love with them now! While you enjoy roasted turkey, yummy log cake, and a mug of hot chocolate, your dog deserves to chew on her own set of P.L.A.Y Holiday Classic plushies (from S$17). What’s more, they make photogenic props in your pup’s Christmas shots!

P.L.A.Y. Mythical Creatures Squeaky Toys | Vanillapup

2. P.L.A.Y Willow’s Mythical Creatures

These P.L.A.Y Willow’s Mythical Creatures (from S$18) are for the adventurous pup. The one that dreams to roam the Himalayans in search of the Yeti that has an oversized squeaker belly or to train a dragon with crinkly wings.

A Gnome would be a good buddy to have around while digging for treasures. And if Fido believes in unicorns, she can run along with it and be awed by its magical powers. She might also chance upon a bouncy jackrabbit, a fierce creature with an uncanny ability to mimic human sounds. Lure it with whiskey and it might just come over!

For the gluttony

P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball 2.0 Holiday Edition Interactive Dog Toy | Vanillapup

3. P.L.A.Y Wobble Ball 2.0, Holiday Edition

There’s no doubt that we love our dogs but with our busy schedules, we may not be able to play with them for as long or as often as we like.

That’s where the P.L.A.Y Wobble ball 2.0, Holiday Edition (S$29) comes in, it is uniquely shaped to roll around unpredictably. Coupled with the sight and sound of dog treats spinning inside, it would stimulate your pet mentally and physically with hours of interactive fun and enrichment! Simply insert your pet’s favourite treats and watch them get rewarded for their persistence and intelligence!

4. Cloud7 Jamie Bowl

What we put into our dog’s bowl is important but sometimes the bowl itself may need an upgrade! Cloud7’s Jamie Bowl (from S$63) is made from high-quality ceramic, matt on the surface and glazed on the inside. Embossed with Cloud7 logo on the side, its simple style would complement any home decor. Comes in three sizes.

Corgi Playing with West Paw Toppl | Vanillapup

5. West Paw Interactive Zogoflex Toppl

A lot of treat dispensing toys are not designed to hold treats of different shapes and sizes. So, what’s unique about the West Paw Interactive Zogoflex Toppl (S$24/29) is that you can be creative with the treats you put into it. Plus, it’s easy to wash!

West Paw Toppl Treats Dispenser | Vanillapup

The inner side of the Toppl is ridged to trap treats. When it tips over, treats will fall through the hole on the side. The small and large Toppl can interlock to make the food puzzle even more challenging! Mix and match colours to make it extra special.

For the glamorous

Foggy Dog Flamingo Party Dog Bandana | Vanillapup

6. Foggy Dog Flamingo Party Bandana

There’s something about flamingos that make them so charming. It’s no wonder they make popular prints. The Foggy Dog Flamingo Party Bandana (S$39) is handcrafted in San Francisco with lightweight rayon fabric. Perfect for hot and humid days!

To make the bandana pop, it is hemmed with bright contrasting turquoise, complete with a hand-stitched signature Foggy Dog maple wood tag.

Mr. Dog New York Roboto Dog Poop Bag Dispenser | Vanillapup

7. Mr. Dog New York Roboto Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Mr. Dog New York Roboto Poop Bag Dispenser (s$188) is fit for the crazy rich pup and carries with it a big dose of personality. It is crafted by hand in Brooklyn, New York with hand-cut leather and solid brass details. It can hold three rolls of bag refills at once, so you’ll never run out of poop bags.

Loyal Canine Co. Rise and Shine Coat Conditioner for Dogs | Vanillapup

8. Loyal Canine Co. Rise and Shine Coat Conditioner

After using the Loyal Canine Co. Rise and Shine Coat Conditioner (S$18), your pup would look like she just stepped out of a hair shampoo advertisement. The all-natural vegan and cruelty-free formula brings life back to your dog’s coat by soothing and nourishing dry, itchy skin. It is non-greasy and leaves no irritating residue.

Ingredients: Distilled water, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, witch hazel, cedarwood essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, rosemary essential oil

For the snuggly

Dog in P.L.A.Y. Horizon Pet Teepee | Vanillapup

9. P.L.A.Y Horizon Teepee

For the furry ones who like to snuggle in cosy spaces, P.L.A.Y Horizon Teepee (S$138) is the perfect gift for them. Inspired by Mother Nature, it makes a great centerpiece in your home but also a comfortable pad for your pup to recharge.

Cat in P.L.A.Y. Horizon Pet Teepee | Vanillapup

The durable interlocking woven fabric is machine washable, held up by four lightweight 100% natural pine wood supports. Inside, an ergonomic foam cushion awaits.

Dog on P.L.A.Y. Horizon Chill Pad | Vanillapup

10. P.L.A.Y Horizon Chill Pad

We know your lap is your dog’s favourite chill spot. But let us attempt to offer a humble alternative, so comfy and stylish that you may just keep it as your own.

P.L.A.Y. Horizon Chill Pads | Vanillapup

P.L.A.Y Horizon Chill Pad (from S$58) sports the same durable woven canvas blend as the teepee – providing a touch of ruggedness to complement an active pup while giving lasting comfort.

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