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Furcraft Academy is a grooming school for dog owners who want to learn how to groom their pup, and also people who are pursuing a career in pet grooming.

Furcraft Academy | Vanillapup

Grooming your pet may sound like a straight-forward task. That was what mama thought too. But as usual, she learnt soon enough that she should have read up a bit more before she entrusted me to my very first groomer.

You see, I’m a Westie, and that means I should be double-coated. My outer coat is supposed to be straight and harsh to protect me from dirt and the elements. Ideally, I should be hand stripped, not scissored or clipped. However, most groomers are only trained to groom one or two breeds, which usually only require scissoring and clipping.

I was clipped since I was a puppy, which explains my soft and slightly curly coat. No one told mama about hand stripping. No one told her what my coat was supposed to look like.

Mama only heard about hand stripping this year, and she brought me to WOOGA! for my very first session! The result was great. My hard coat started to grow out for the first time of my life!

I will talk more about hand stripping next time, but the point is that it’s very important to know your dog’s breed and the right way to groom her.

Introducing Furcraft Academy!

When mama was first introduced to Furcraft Academy, she was initially a little unsure. She knows that many groomers do not have extensive knowledge of various dog breeds, and that’s mainly caused by schools that only teach the “generic” way to groom a dog.

Her doubts were quickly cleared up when she spoke with Rachel, the director of Furcraft Academy. She knew exactly how various breeds should be groomed, and her courses strive to ensure that students are well-rounded.

Best of all, dog owners can now sign up for courses to learn how to groom their dogs the right way. If your dog is a Jack Russell Terrier, you will have a slightly different course outline compared to a dog owner with a Poodle.

Furcraft Academy offers the following courses:

  1. Fun Workshop: Learn basic and fun grooming techniques through a 3-hour workshop, with drinks and refreshments provided, on a rooftop. It’s a great way to bond with your pup and makes an awesome pawsome idea for parties!
  2. Pet Owner Course: This is a more comprehensive course for dog owners who want to learn how to groom their pup at home. It will take 4 lessons that last 4-6 hours each
  3. Professional Courses – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced: These courses are for humans who want or are pursuing a career in pet grooming. They are more comprehensive than most courses offered by other schools, covering various categories of breeds – drop-coated, short-coated, long + double-coated, and thinning breeds, terriers, and toy poodles. The school also has dog grooming models to ensure that students get hands-on practice on different breeds

I will be trying out the fun workshop for my birthday celebration (win an invite)! Mama is excited to learn something new, while I’m excited about running around on the rooftop garden, and swimming with my friends in the fun pool.

Will blog more about it after! Meanwhile, here’s a little tour around the academy.

A tour around the academy

Students and their instructor hard at work!

Furcraft Academy Course | Vanillapup

Meet cute little Pancake, one of the models.

Furcraft Academy Dog Model | Vanillapup

The place is really new, clean and spacious. And that’s me, sniffing around.

Furcraft Academy Classroom | Vanillapup

I MAY not mind bathing in one of these tubs.

Furcraft Academy Facilities | Vanillapup

My favourite place – the rooftop!

Furcraft Academy Rooftop | Vanillapup

If you are keen on learning how to groom your dog the proper way, give Furcraft Academy a try! Mama was impressed by the space, the school’s teaching values, and most importantly, Rachel’s experience.

Furcraft Academy | Website | Facebook

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