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Feed My Paws Homemade Dog Treats

Feed My Paws Homemade Treats | Vanillapup

It’s no secret that I am one greedy pup. But when mama found out about my allergies, she stopped indulging me with most treats. It was the saddest thing in my life! To know of all these wonderful treats but not being able to eat them all 🙁

When I got invited by Feed My Paws to try their homemade treats, mama was at first unsure whether they would be okay for me. But lucky for me, Crystle, the kind owner of Feed My Paws knew of my problems, and offered to customise the treats with ingredients that were safe for me! Mama let me pick my favourite treats from her silver machine, and I basically pointed at everything ;p. Mama then cut down my list to 6 items. Bummer!

It was no easy task that mama gave Crystle; giving her a long list of common baking ingredients that I’m allergic to. Not only did that not scare her off, she managed to whip out these pretty and woofilicious treats just for me! I would have given her a hi-paw, but I liked her so much, it resulted in a round of licks on her face when she dropped by with the treats.

Vanillapup x Feed My Paws Homemade Dog Treats Review

Vanillapup x Feed My Paws Homemade Dog Treats Review

Aren’t they awesome? I enjoyed all of them except the Salmon Kibbles. I usually loveeee Salmon but these turned out too hard for me! It may be because Crystle had to replace the original flour with rye flour due to my allergies. Other than that, I gobbled up everything else. Mama even used the Yoghurt Bones and Cheesy Cheese Chompers to make me do tricks. I spun and spun with no complaints, only enthusiasm. Yup, they’re that good 🙂

Vanillapup x Feed My Paws Homemade Dog Treats Review

The reviews on her website also proved that Crystle puts in lots of effort and love into baking these goodies! She welcomes special requests to ensure that her treats are catered to each furkid’s needs. She sometimes personalises some of the treats with cute cutters and names too! Now, that’s business with a heart 😀

Vanillapup x Feed My Paws Homemade Dog Treats Review

I had a good nap with my warm belly after the feast 🙂 Thanks, Crystle and Feed My Paws!

Feed My Paws | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | 9103 0395

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