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Ewegurt Sheep’s Milk Emu Treats – A Healthy Option for Greedy Pups!

Ewegurt Freeze-dried Treats Emu | Vanillapup

Here’s a guilt-free treat for your dog! Ewegurt Freeze-dried Treats with Emu contain ingredients that are natural, healthy, and low in fat. Yummy and good!

Mama is always careful about what she feeds me as I have a weak digestive system. For one, she never let me try milk, for fear it might upset my tummy.

Well, not until now! When Mama gave me the green light to try Ewegurt Freeze-Dried Treats with Emu, I was so delighted. I can’t wait to get a taste of milk!

The treats are freeze-dried, which allows the ingredients to maintain their full nutritional value. While mama was a little put off by the smell of sheep’s milk, it was heavenly to me. I can also taste sweet potato in it – my absolute favourite!

6 Reasons Why We Love Ewegurt Sheep’s Milk Emu Treats

1. Multi-purpose

You can feed the freeze-dried crunchy treats just like that or rehydrate them to get your dog to drink more water.

Mama usually adds one tablespoon of water to three pieces of Ewegurt before breaking them up into smaller pieces for easier consumption. The treat size is a little big for small dogs like me but it is good for medium to large dogs.

Ewegurt Sheep's Milk Emu Treat | Vanillapup

Not only usable as a treat, Ewegurt works as a food topper too! Despite being a picky eater, I gobbled up my meal within seconds thanks to these treats!

2. Good ingredients only

Ewegurt’s ingredients are 100% natural, with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, or hidden ingredients. That is why it is safe for puppies, senior dogs, and dogs with health issues.

Besides, what’s really special about these treats is that it contains sheep’s milk and tasty red meat emu, which are rare locally!

It is also good to know that both the pastured emu and sheep (where the milk comes from) are not given any growth hormones or artificial feed.

Here’s the full ingredient list:

Sheep’s Milk Yogurt (Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Emu, Chia Seeds, Beets, Kale, Coconut Flour, Sweet Potato

Read more about the benefits of each ingredient here.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Sheep’s milk is a vitamin- and mineral-rich powerhouse, which includes nature’s relaxant magnesium. Hence, for dogs with separation anxiety or over-excitement issues, it helps to calm them down and aids a good night’s sleep.

Bailey Ewegurt Emu Treat | Vanillapup

4. Boosts immune and digestive systems

Probiotics in yoghurt, together with chia seeds and coconut flour, can boost the immune system and improve digestive health.

It also increases metabolism and is suitable for lactose intolerant dogs.

5. Heart healthy

Emu is 97% fat-free and 43% monounsaturated, which reduces the risk of weight gain and heart and other health issues. That also means that if you are unable to resist those puppy eyes, it’s safe to give just a little bit more to fido.

6. Fights cancer and inflammation

Not only tasty, all its ingredients may help battle cancer cells and inflammation! Sheep’s milk, in particular, helps fight cancer better than cow’s milk as it contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Bailey Pom Ewegurt | Vanillapup

The Verdict:

Smell: 7.5 – Mama isn’t a fan, but it gets me jumping with excitement!

Taste: 10 – I’d do any tricks for it!

Ingredients: 10 – All natural and beneficial for my health, two paws up!

Size: 8 – Might be too big for small dogs, but it is fine for larger dogs.

Price: 6 – SGD 34.90 for 3 oz. A tad expensive, but the hard to come by ingredients make it value for money.

Purchase Ewegurt Sheep’s Milk Emu Treats at Platinum Pets.

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