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Dog Tip Tuesday: How to Get Your Dog Used to Socks

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If your dog hates having socks on but you think that they are beneficial to her well-being, here’s how to get her used to having them on!

Some people put socks on their dogs for vanity reason but others do it for practical reasons. Socks can protect a dog’s paws from rough terrains, allergens, and hot and cold surfaces, and help to provide better grip for dogs with mobility issues. Socks are also useful in keeping oily dog paw prints from your flooring after you apply any sort of oil, cream, or lotion on your dog’s paws.

Unfortunately, some dogs dislike wearing socks – they either freeze at a spot or walk funnily. Many dog owners give up putting socks on their dogs after one or two futile attempts. But if you think socks would come in useful for your dog in any way, there are ways to help her get used to them.

1. Start with one

Start by putting one sock on your dog and let her walk around freely. Bring her out with that one sock on and go about your daily routine as usual.

If your dog seems okay with having a sock on after a few days, then start putting on two socks. This will help her get used to the idea of having one sock, then two, then three, and lastly four socks on at a go.

2. Distract

If your dog tends to bite off whatever foreign object is on her body, start by getting a secure set of socks – for example, those with velcro straps or just tighter elasticity on top.

Gently put on one sock, make sure it’s comfortable and secure, and then immediately treat or play with your dog. The aim is to distract her from paying attention to what’s around her paw. You may have to sweeten the deal with your dog’s favourite treat, game, or a long walk outside. It has to be something that will get her excited enough to not care about the piece of clothing.

3. Level up

The idea is to get your dog used to socks gradually. If you proceed to put two socks on your dog and she makes a fuss, then take a step back and put on one sock on a different paw. Get her accustomed to having a sock on every paw before proceeding to put on two socks at a go. Sometimes you may need to start with the hind paws before the front paws, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. Be flexible and work with your dog patiently.

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