6 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Dog Isn’t Neglected at Home While You Are Busy Working

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Feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home for long hours? There are some things you can do to make sure that she’s well-taken care of and entertained.

Most dog owners have to work at least eight hours a day, leaving their dogs alone at home for sometimes more than half the day. Fortunately, dogs sleep 50% of the time and that’s exactly what they would do while you are out.

As long as you are giving your dog adequate exercise, comfortable living space, companionship, and care, you shouldn’t need to feel too guilty about leaving your dog at home alone.

To ensure that your dog isn’t neglected, there are some things you can do to keep her happy, active, and entertained.

1. Bring your dog for daily walks

If you work long hours, it is important to bring your dog out for walks before and after work. The duration and distance of the walks depend on your dog’s breed, age, health, and energy level. It should be at least 15 minutes to more than an hour.

If your dog isn’t trained to relieve herself at home, you should do some potty training or ensure that she goes out to pee at least three to five times a day. Also, remember to leave plenty of clean and fresh water at home so your dog has access to it at all times.

2. Spend time with your dog during weekends

The best way to make it up to your dog is to spend quality time with her during your weekly free time. Besides your companionship, dogs should also get plenty of exercise and socialisation with other people and dogs.

Click here for ideas on where you can bring your dog for nice days out.

3. Install a pet camera

It will be good to know what your dog is up to throughout the day. This way, you can rush home in case of an emergency. You will also know whether your dog behaves well at home or is a nuisance to neighbours or passersby.

Some pet cameras come with an interactive feature, such as a treat dispenser and two-way audio. Some are even moving toys! That way, you can keep your dog occupied during the day.

4. Hide treats

Another way to beat boredom is to hide treats around the house for your dog to find. It will work her nose and give her something to look forward to.

We do not recommend throwing your dog a bone to chew on as she may end up swallowing it, which may cause obstruction. You should always watch your dog while she’s enjoying a chew.

5. Hire a pet sitter

If your budget allows, you can hire a pet sitter to go to your house to feed, walk, and play with your dog. Pet sitters typically spend about 20 mins to an hour a day at each house.

You can find pet sitters via FurwyPaw Shake, Singapore Petsitters, and PetBuddies.

6. Send your dog to daycare

Don’t like strangers in your home? Then perhaps sending your dog to daycare is a better option. Not only that, your dog would likely get to socialise with other dogs and go on adventures outside. Some daycare schools even have training in their curriculum.

Daycare can be more expensive than pet sitters but it is usually a lot more fun for your dog. To be kind to your wallet, you can send your dog to daycare once or a few times a week instead of every day.

If you are interested in outdoor doggy daycare, check out The Compawny.

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