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5 Dog Grooming Salons to Get Your Dog Groomed in New York City

Best Dog Grooming Salons to Get Your Dog Groomed in New York City | Vanillapup

Whether it’s a simple furcut or a luxurious spa treatment, New York City’s best dog grooming salons would not disappoint.

It is not uncommon to see dogs in the Big Apple sporting stylish coifs, specialty facial treatments, and pristine haircuts. After all, they don’t call New York City one of the planet’s most stylish cities for nothing.

New Yorkers love their pooches as much as they love their fashion. It’s no wonder that these two go exceptionally well together. If you and your pooch are in NYC, make sure to check out these dog grooming salons for the most pampering treatment any dog can ever have.

1. Bark Shoppe

What makes this dog grooming salon so popular among New Yorkers is the personal attention afforded by its owner in the care and grooming of each individual pooch. It provides facial scrubs, pawdicures, tearless facial treatments, and many more.

2. D is for Doggy

Most doggie spas groom a number of dogs all at the same time. Not at the D is for Doggy. In fact, their one-dog-at-a-time policy is generally regarded as one of the best reasons why dogs love going back to the spa.

3. Harlem Doggie Day Spa

This dog grooming salon has a very different take on optimum canine grooming. The owner interviews pet parents about their dog’s needs especially health conditions that may have to be considered when grooming the pooch.

4. New York Dog Nanny

 There are dog beds and couches littered across the sprawling space of the New York Dog Nanny. The idea is to make the experience as non-threatening as possible. They even throw in unique therapies like Therapeutic Touch and essential oil aromatherapy.

5. Camp Canine

This grooming salon for dogs in NYC’s Upper West Side takes pride in breed- and lifestyle-specific grooming and hygiene treatments that include complimentary brushing of the dog’s teeth. It is only available by appointment so 4-legged clients can expect to be pampered well.

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