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Getting Groomed: Pet Loft

Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Happy Monday!

Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Thought it will be good to share with all fur parents my regular grooming salon – Pet Loft! By regular, I mean I have only been there 3 times. Mama likes to try new grooming places but I think both she and I like this place best.

Sometimes mama goes too early and I have to wait for my turn! I don’t mind though because this place is not scary at all! There’s a place near our home where mama used to bring me to cut nails. The vibe was just so negative, I’d start panicking from a distance; refusing to go near. That place had sad looking dogs in there too 🙁 Mama promised that she won’t bring me there again.

Holding Area - Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Me getting shaved.

Getting Shaved - Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Wish they didn’t put my fellow westie buddy in the cage behind. We don’t like to be confined!

Westie In Cage - Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Look at how obedient I was!

Being Obedient - Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Done. Was running to mama before getting distracted by a large red bowl of dog food.


I will recommend this place for grooming. It’s affordable and the stylist always does a good job at cutting my hair. The only complaint – they don’t file my nails well enough. They were still pretty sharp on all three occasions!

Meeting Friends - Pet Loft Singapore Grooming

Price: $50 for full grooming (medium-sized dog). The service includes expressing of my anal glands too. Not everywhere does that.

Quality: 8/10. Mama was pretty satisfied with my haircut. Nail filing can be improved.

Service: 9/10. Mama is allowed to stay there and watch me throughout the session. They have a water dispenser, sofa and magazines to keep her happy.

Pet Loft | Website | Email | 6487 4669

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