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If you are welcoming a new dog, we hope that this checklist and some of our articles would be helpful in ensuring you have everything she needs prepared.

The day mama brought me home, she had nothing prepared. She didn’t even start the day thinking that she would end up with a puppy by the end of it.

Even though she believes in living life spontaneously, she admits that she shouldn’t have been so ill-prepared when it came to a living thing!

With that said, bringing me home was one of the best things that had happened to her (I didn’t say that, she did), and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Her hope is for other mamas and papas to give themselves enough time to prepare a warm and loving home for their new furry one.

If you are welcoming a new dog (congrats!), we hope that this checklist (free download below), and some of our articles would be helpful in ensuring you have everything she needs, all prepared in advance.

Doggy Essentials Checklist | Vanillapup

Download your dog essentials checklist:

Download your free printable dog essentials checklist.

Get started with these reads:


  1. Raw Diet for Dogs: 10 Things Beginners Need to Know
  2. How to Choose Commercial Raw Dog Food
  3. K9 Natural Raw Dog Food
  4. How to Choose Healthy Dog Treats
  5. How to Choose Dry Dog Food [We highly recommend a balanced and complete raw or home cooked diet instead]
  6. Choosing an Omega 3 Supplement for Dogs
  7. Choosing Dog Bowls – Plastic, Ceramic or Stainless Steel?
  8. Recipes


  1. The Complete List of Dog Cafes in Singapore
  2. 30 Fun Things to Do with Dogs in Singapore
  3. 6 Dog Swimming Pools in Singapore
  4. 5 Dog-friendly Hotel Staycations in Singapore


  1. The difference between an obedient and a well-behaved dog
  2. Crate training your dog
  3. Mastering the walk
  4. Prepare Your Puppy for Grooming
  5. How To Introduce A Dog to Your Cat-filled Home

Bathe & Groom

  1. How to Do Basic Dog Grooming at Home
  2. Likeable Pets Mobile Pet Grooming
  3. Furcraft Academy: A Pet Grooming School for Everyone
  4. The Grooming Tab Review


  1. How to Choose Suitable Dog Toys
  2. 5 Indoor Activities to Reduce Dog Boredom
  3. Vanillapup Picks: CleverPet Dog Game Console


  1. Natural Flea & Tick Repellents + DIY Recipe
  2. 5 Tips to a Clean and Safe Home for You and Your Dog
  3. What to Do When Your Dog Swallows Something Foreign
  4. Tear Stains: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
  5. Keep Your Dog Safe During Haze
  6. What Should Go Into Your Dog’s First Aid Kit


  1. 8 Great Places to Shop for Your Dog
  2. Pet Healthcare Insurance Comparison
  3. How Much It Costs to Own a Dog + Money-saving Tips
  4. Save Up To 30% of Pet Expenses With Pet’s Nation

Feel free to comment if you have any questions, and we will try our best to help!

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