Just Got a Dog Birthday Party Invitation? Birthday Gift Ideas to Your Rescue!

Dog Birthday Gift Ideas | Vanillapup

Got invited to what feels like the 101st dog birthday party? It’s okay to run out of ideas on what to get. Here are some birthday gift ideas for inspiration.

When you have a dog, you assume the role of a parent. And before you know it, just like you would with kid parties, invitations to dog parties would come streaming in.

At first, mama found it fun shopping for gifts, but when ideas run out and there’s nothing new in the market, it can be a chore.

If you are running out of time and have no idea what to buy for the next doggy party you have to attend, here are some birthday gift ideas!


1. Dog Bowl

Dog bowls should be functional at its core. But it won’t hurt if it looks pretty too, especially when it’s a gift.

Splurge – Wild Hound Outfitters white and clay ceramic dog bowl (from S$66 / US$45)

Wild Hound Outfitters Ceramic Dog Bowl | Vanillapup

Read more / Shop now.

Steal – FuzzYard dog bowl (from S$20 / US$14)

FuzzYard Dog Bowl | Vanillapup

Source: @fuzzyard

Shop now.

2. Placemat / trays

Placemats are very useful for messy eaters but not many dog owners would think of getting one. So that’s where you, the gifter, comes in.

Splurge – DENY Designs Pet Tray (S$81 / US$55)

DENY Designs Polka Dot Ceramic Dog Bowl | Vanillapup

Shop now.

Steal – Eat, drink placemat (from S$25 / US$17)

Dog Birthday Gift Ideas - Rae Dunn Inspired Pet Placemat | Vanillapup

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3. Treat-related

Giving treats as presents is great if the dog recipient doesn’t have any food allergies or intolerance. If you are not sure, stick to treat accessories instead.

Splurge – Cloud7 treat dummy (S$26 / US$18)

Cloud7 Dog Treat Dummy | Vanillapup

Shop now.

Steal – DIY treat jar

DIY Pet Food Jars The Shabby Creek Cottage | Vanillapup

Instructions and more DIY projects here.


4. Collar & leash

Can there be enough collars and leashes? Don’t think so.

Splurge – Ohpopdog natural leather and hemp cotton collar and leash set (from S$150 / US$220)

Shop now.

Steal – Zee.dog collar and leash set (from S$36 / US$27)

Zee.Dog Flash Collar and Leash

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5. Paw protector

Dog paws are exposed to different ground surfaces and temperatures every day. It’s time to give them some pampering!

Splurge – WashBar 100% Natural Paw Balm (S$30.50 / US$21)

Washbar Paw Balm | Vanillapup

Source: @washbar.nz

Shop now.

Steal – FuzzYard naturals paw balm (S$26 / US$18)

FuzzYard Paw Balm | Vanillapup

Source: @fuzzyardes

Shop now.

6. Collar tag

Splurge – Clouds and Current personalised pet tag (from S$24 / US$16)

Clouds and Current personalised pet tag | Vanillapup

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Steal – Little Laser Co custom pet name tag (from S$9 / US$7)

Little Laser Co Wooden Pet Name Tag | Vanillapup

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7. Flea and tick repellent

We believe in natural preventative measures. It will make a great gift for those who do too.

Splurge – (S$39 / US$27)

Skin Guard Repellent Pochitama | Vanillapup

Read more / Shop now.

Steal – DIY!

Natural Flea and Tick Repellent DIY Recipe | Vanillapup

Gather easily accessible ingredients, pick a nice fancy bottle, and DIY!

8. Poop Needs

This one is a fail-proof gift! Every responsible dog owner needs waste disposal accessories.

Splurge – Poopmate by Betters Korea (S$23.50 / US$16)

Shop Vanillapup Poopmate by Betters

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Steal – Earth Rated poop bag dispenser and refill rolls (S$25 / US$17)

Earth Rated poop bag dispenser and refill rolls | Vanillapup

Shop now.


9. Bandana or bowtie

Bandanas and bowties make great presents because they are cute, stylish, and more forgiving when you don’t know the dog’s size.

Splurge – Ohpopdog bandana (S$20 / US$14)

Shop now.

Steal – Doxieholic personalised bandana (S$15 / US$11)

Doxieholic bandanas

Shop now.

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10. Toy

Most dogs love toys so it’s a safe choice. But instead of the typical soft or rubber toys, try giving something more interactive!

Splurge – Pebby robot ball (S$360 / US$248)

Pebby Pet Robot Sitter | Vanillapup

Read more / Shop now.

Steal – Nina Ottosson tornado interactive toy (S$68 / US$51)

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado IQ Toy | Vanillapup Picks

Read more / Shop now.


11. Bed

I have lost count with my paw of how many beds I have. But I still don’t mind another one.

Splurge – Fleepy mattress (S$148 / US$100)

Latte on Fleepy Mattress | Vanillapup

Shop now.

Steal – FuzzYard dog bed (from S$80 / US$53)

Vanillapup Picks: FuzzYard Bed and KONG CuteSeas | Vanillapup

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12. Pet illustration

Personalised pet illustrations make really sweet and thoughtful gifts. However, they don’t come cheap so they are often reserved for close friends.

Splurge – Frus personalised infographic (S$380 / US$260)

Frus Sam Forest Loo Lim Infographic | Vanillapup

Source: @samforest_loolim

Shop now.

Steal – Puppy Project custom print (S$75 / US$50)

Puppy Project Custom Print | Vanillapup

Source: @puppyproject

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13. Pet camera

Pet cameras are useful in monitoring our dogs and keeping them occupied throughout the day. For dogs that spend most of their time alone at home while the humans work, this will come in handy.

Splurge – Furbo dog camera (S$260 / US$199)

Furbo Pet Camera | Vanillapup
Shop now.

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Know of an awesome place to shop for dog birthday gifts? Let us know!

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