Conrad Centennial Singapore Dog-friendly Hotel Staycation [No Longer Pet-friendly]

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Bed | Vanillapup

Our staycation experience at Conrad Centennial – one of the few dog-friendly hotels in Singapore.

[With immediate effect, Conrad Centennial Singapore is no longer pet-friendly. See other pet-friendly hotels here.]

After hearing some friends rave about their Conrad Centennial Singapore dog-friendly hotel staycation, I wanted to go too! So mama contacted them to ask if I could do a review for them, and they said yes the very next morning! The humans and I were so thrilled, we could hardly wait for the day to check in.

Even though mama was excited about the staycation, she never imagined that it was going to be this enjoyable. She was definitely in for a pleasant surprise, and now, we are wishing for more! You will see why very soon 🙂

On Valentine’s Day, the humans and I flagged a cab and arrived at Conrad. The kind and friendly doorman welcomed us immediately, and even asked for my name! He said he had lovely dogs of his own, and I could sniff that he was a good man. He set the stage for more of my friendly meetings with the staff working at Conrad. I felt so welcomed, which made mama very happy.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Dog Bowl and Toy | Vanillapup

The hotel prepares a dog bowl and toy for every doggy guest. If that’s not enough, we can have the Conrad bear and an apple too. The humans get a box of chocolates (I heard it’s toxic), and that’s about it 😛

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Welcome | Vanillapup

This is the view that welcomes you. I never knew cars could be this small. It’s like magic!

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Room View | Vanillapup

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Room View | Vanillapup

And of course, the humans made me pose for a few photos.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Room | Vanillapup

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Room | Vanillapup

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel View | Vanillapup

Their bathroom is so grand! It makes our bathroom at home look so lousy. Just look at their range of Aromatherapy toiletries!

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Amenities| Vanillapup

I wasn’t too sure about this tub though. With it, bathing me became so much easier for the humans.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Bathroom | Vanillapup

Did you know? You can choose from a variety of 16 pillow types for a good night’s sleep at Conrad. I picked the Cuddle ‘U’ pillow and took up half the bed. Even though I don’t go to fancy places much, I know a quality bed when I sleep on one! I was so taken by the smooth sheets and the soft bed that I slept soundly through the night. Whoever says a change of environment would stress out your dog hasn’t been to Conrad!

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Bed | Vanillapup

I didn’t want to leave the bed but I guess I had to show you where you can go exploring during your stay at Conrad. First stop, I took a dip at the fountain behind the hotel before getting chased out by security.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Nearby | Vanillapup

And then we took a stroll down Marina Bay boardwalk! There was so much to see and sniff!

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel ArtScience Museum | Vanillapup

The humans laughed at me when I tried to step on one of the lotus leaves, and almost fell into the water. How was I to know?!

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Marina Bay Sands | Vanillapup

I never knew shopping could be so expensive. So window shopping it was.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Marina Bay Sands | Vanillapup

If only my daily walks had this kind of view.

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Marina Bay Sands | Vanillapup

Where to Go:

What to Do:

  • Roll around on the bed, and watch TV
  • Soak in the bathtub with the complimentary bath salt (great chance to bathe your dog too)
  • Request for your preferred pillows, turn on classical music and catch up on sleep
  • Take lots of photos with your furkid!
  • Explore around the area, and take a nice evening stroll
  • Eat ice cream (find the ice cream man at the Youth Olympic Park) while watching the sunset at Marina Bay
  • Book the executive room with access to the executive lounge (dogs are not allowed) for complimentary
    • all day beverages, including house pours. Papa went up to grab delicious hot chocolate for him and mama to enjoy in the room!
    • afternoon tea, finger sandwiches, and cakes (2.30 – 5pm)
    • evening cocktails (5.30 – 8pm)
    • WIFI
    • CDs and DVD movies loan
  • The swimming pool and gym don’t allow dogs, so papa went for a swim while mama and I bummed around in the room

What to Eat:

There aren’t any dog-friendly cafes or restaurants that I know of. But it’s worth a try asking places with alfresco seating whether you can sit outside with your dog. The humans took away Popeyes from the Singapore Flyer for dinner. You can also order from Conrad’s in room dining menu for both you and your pooch (view pet menu here)! Buffet breakfast in the morning is complimentary, so the humans happily left me alone in the room to enjoy their sumptuous meal. You can also opt for continental breakfast to be brought into the room if you don’t want to leave your pooch unattended.

My packing list:

  • Collar, leash, and poo bag
  • Travel water bowl to ensure your pup is well hydrated during walks
  • Large pee pads. I am house-trained so mama brought large pee pads for me to eliminate on. I only used it once and peed outside the other times
  • Food. Try to bring easy-to-prepare food. They have an electric kettle for you to make hot water.
  • Favourite toys to play with in the room
  • Comb and bathing essentials to get your furkid camera ready (with such nice views, you have to take some photos!)

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Review | Vanillapup

All in all, I had a really good time at Conrad! The humans had so much fun, they are thinking of making this a regular affair. They like the fact that they are able to get a nice break without having to travel out of Singapore, so they can also spend quality time with me 🙂

Policy: The hotel permits up to two pets, weighing no more than 34kg in total per room. Pets are not allowed in the hotel’s restaurants and executive lounge, gym and swimming pool area, and must be enclosed in pet carriers or leashed in public areas at all times.

Check in/out: Check-in time is at 3pm, and check out time is at 12pm. If you book the executive room (highly recommended!), you can request for late check out at 6pm (subject to availability).

Reservation: There’s an advance purchase offer, which provides 10-15% off their best available rate on Alternatively, you can call 6432 7192 or email to make a room reservation. An additional $120 cleaning fee applies for pets per room.

Special thanks to Conrad Centennial Singapore for the lovely stay, Howlistic Life for the Fuzzyard toys and collars, and ohpopdog for the clothes.

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  1. Gladys

    July 16, 2015 at 8:33 am

    Hi may I know where is the afternoon tea ? Is it also at Oscar? I’m going there in 2 weeks time w my shih tzu 🙂

    • Vanillapup

      July 16, 2015 at 3:27 pm

      Hi Gladys, we got the executive package so the afternoon tea is at the executive lounge – top floor with nice view! It’s going to be so fun!

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