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Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Your Dog and You Will Really Want This Year

Christmas Gift Guide 2017 | Vanillapup

A Christmas gift guide that both human and dog will love. We have ideas for toys, treats, and accessories. Your dog will be so merry this holiday!

Christmas is a big deal for us and we want Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year for Latte too! For her Christmas present, I have gotten her an INHERENT Oreo Table from Pets Actually. I can’t wait to see it (okay, I admit, it’s more like my Christmas present).

But don’t you worry about Latte. She has received so many toys, treats, and fashion accessories from various brands this year. I am jealous of her life myself!

If you want to make Christmas a merry time for your pup too, why not surprise her with a cute gift? It doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Here is our Christmas gift guide!

Play Santa with this Christmas gift guide and watch your dog have a merry Christmas this year!

1. P.L.A.Y. Holiday Classic Toys

When we unboxed the P.L.A.Y Holiday Classic Toys from Ginger and Bear, we couldn’t help but repeatedly let out “sooo cuteeeeeee”. I mean, just look at these adorable toys! They look even cuter in real life. Latte loves squeaky plush toys so these are the perfect gifts for her.

You can buy these individually or as a set, at Ginger and Bear.

2. FuzzYard Xmas Plush Toys

FuzzYard Christmas Collection Toys | Vanillapup

FuzzYard toys will never fail you. Their Christmas collection is super adorable. Besides toys, they also have lightweight bandanas and bow ties – awesome for our weather!

Shop for them at Howlistic Life.

3. Waggo Dipper Bowl

Let your dog feast in style with these minimalist ceramic dog bowls from Waggo.

4. Zee.Dog Rudolph Air Mesh Plus Harness

Zee.Dog Rudolph Air Mesh Plus Christmas Harness | Vanillapup

Singapore is too warm to be rocking a Christmas sweater. A harness that looks like a Christmas sweater? That’s function meets style! Get it here.

5. Knibbles Goji Pup Coins

We really love feeding Latte these treats because they look delicious and meaty, and they are topped with healthy parsley and wolfberry. Get them from Knibbles.

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6. The Grateful Dog Topper Chompers

The Grateful Dog Topper Chompers | Vanillapup

The Grateful Dog’s Topper Chompers are perfect for dogs who are primarily eating dry food. Give their Christmas meals a boost with fresh chunky pieces of human-grade minced meat and healthy vegetables. They will be licking their bowl clean.

7. Ohpopdog Forest Animals Bandana + Pouch

Ohpopdog Forest Animals Human and Dog Collection | Vanillapup

This is a great gift idea to pamper both human and dog! Choose from two designs and be matchy-matchy with your beloved pup this Christmas. Shop Ohpopdog here.

8. Good chews

Dear Deer Freeze-dried Raw Meaty Bone | Vanillapup

Nothing beats boredom at home better than a good chew. Latte’s favourite is the Dear Deer antler (not pictured), which you can get from Kohe Pets.

9. Kokopha Mono Leash

Turn heads with a soft cotton tie dye rope leash with solid brass hardware. Get it from Cheek & Paw.

10. Woofer&Purrlensky Cooling Blanket

Many people swear by these cooling blankets from Woofer&Purrlensky. They are cooling to touch and dogs enjoy lying on them even without air-conditioning! Head down to their shop along The Scarlet Hotel to grab one and shop other cool accessories.

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