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Vacuum Without Fuss With the Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner

The Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner is great for lazy pet parents who find vacuuming a chore. Here’s why vacuuming is a breeze with it.

Recently, we got the opportunity to review the Bosch Athlet Zoo’o ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner. It’s a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners and promises to clean up to 30% faster than its Bosch’s counterpart.

But the biggest selling point for us wasn’t faster cleaning but the fact that…

Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner Freestanding | Vanillapup

The Bosch ProAnimal can stand upright anywhere in the house!

You can vacuum the floor halfway and go chase after your dog that’s licking her paws without having to first put the vacuum cleaner down. You can vacuum pet fur, leave the vacuum cleaner freestanding and go back to it again to vacuum new fur that pops up later.

Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner | Vanillapup

Effortless vacuuming

Vacuuming has never been that easy. I can pick it up where I last left it and go again. It’s also super ergonomic. It glides across our flooring effortlessly and it’s easy to maneuver. You don’t feel much of the weight of the machine in your hands as most of the weight is at the bottom. That actually helps make the vacuum cleaner so easy to move.

Good suction and long-lasting power

With four power modes (0 to turbo), the Bosch ProAnimal basically sucks everything, including hair and fur up pretty well. It is also quite quiet, especially in the “0” mode.

But what we were impressed with was that it could last up to an hour without charging. We used mostly the low power mode for quick cleaning and only had to charge it once or twice in the two weeks that we tried it. The handheld vacuum cleaner we have at home can only go for 40 minutes. If you use a cordless vacuum cleaner at home, you would know that that is quite a large difference.

Easy disposal

With their SensorBagless technology, you will never forget to empty the bin or wash the filter again – the LED in front will turn red. It’s easy to remove the bin by pushing the clips at the sides, take out the filter, and empty it.

Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner Fuss-free | Vanillapup


The Bosch ProAnimal can also be transformed into a “handheld” cleaner, worn over your shoulder with a velcro strap and hose that come in the box. It’s a little weird, though, to be carrying a bulky cleaner over your shoulders around the house so it’s not that useful for us.

It was also pretty difficult for me to detach the cleaner parts. Somehow my fingers just weren’t strong enough. But it was a breeze for the courier who helped me to detach the cleaner body from the handle when he was collecting it. So, maybe it’s just me!

Chinese New Year 2018 Promotion

The Bosch ProAnimal usually retails for S$799 but it is going for a special price of S$499 during this festive period. Don’t miss out!

For more information on the Bosch ProAnimal Vacuum Cleaner and where to buy it, please visit the Bosch website.

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